Cheats for Kirby: Canvas Curse (DS)

Easy lives:
You can earn nine lives on the Dash! Jump! mini-game by
landing in the small space at the end. Land between 3300
and 3400 to earn nine lives. It is easiest with Meta Knight.

Medal Swap bonuses:
Collect the indicated number of medals to unlock the
indicated Medal Swap bonus:

Bead Line - 6 medals
Course 1-8 - 9 medals each
King Dedede - 20 medals
Life Boost - 7 medals
Life Boost - 12 medals
Life Boost - 14 medals
Meta Knight - 25 medals
Song One - 3 medals
Song Three - 3 medals
Song Two - 3 medals
Tropic Line - 6 medals
Zebra Line - 6 medals

Jump mini-game:
Successfully complete the game with all five characters
to unlock the Jump Game selection next to the "Options"
button at the main menu.

Block Attack sub-game:
Complete Block Attack level 2 in Boss Games.

Cart Run sub-game:
Complete level 2 of Cart Run in Boss Games.

Paint Panic sub-game:
Complete level 2 of Paint Panic in Boss Games.
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