Cheats for Bubble Bobble Revolution (DS)

Access Bonus Levels even if you die (Classic Mode):
Enter the code at the ''Classic'' mode's title screen - L, R, L, R, L, R,
Right, Select. Level 20 will have a door appear. Touch it, to enter the
bonus round.

Continue Game Play:
In the Classic version, there is no apparent continuation mode. However,
when you get a 'Game Over' go back to the screen where you start on level
1 and scroll down. You will see the Bubble Bobble dinosaur go down on a
elevator-type platform to stop at the last level you were at. For example,
if you died at level 14 then you can continue again at that point after the
'Game Over'.

Power Up! Mode (Classic Version):
At the ''Classic'' Mode title screen enter: Select, R, L, Left, Right, R,
Select, Right. This is the same effect as collecting shoes (Move faster,
make bubbles faster)

Accessing final 10 levels (in New Version)
To access the final ten levels, you have to collect 9 letters. To get
these, kill at least 4 enemies in one Super Bubble, and collect the key
icon that is dropped. Then, carry on until the boss of that zone (levels
ending in 0) and kill it. Instead of dropping a giant gem, it will leave
a letter. Pick up nine of these (one per boss) to ultimately finish the

Super Bubble Bobble (Classic Version):
Firstly, beat boss in classic mode with 2 players. Enter code at ''Classic''
mode title screen: Left, R, Left, Select, Left, L, Left, Select.
This unlocks the harder mode of the game.
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