Cheats for Bomberman Land Touch! (DS)

Bomber House Game +:
Complete the Land Mode to unlock this game. Basically the game you play in Land
except this time you go for 999 points.

Easy mini-games:
Constantly attempt to complete a specific mini-game in Story mode. If you cannot
complete it while choosing "Yes" when it asks if you will try again numerous times,
after a while you will be asked if you would like help for one token. Double tap the
icon between the "Yes" and "No" options and the requirements for the game will be

Hard Mode:
Get all 100 cards in Normal Land Mode, and complete the game to unlock HARD MODE.

Special Title and Ending Screen:
In Hard Land mode, buy the token from the Info Booth in the castle section with
all 50 coins and beat the game.

Unlock Characters to Use in Attraction Mode:
In each zone, for every attraction (besides the Bomber Houses), complete each
twice, so you get both the card AND the medal. Once you complete all the
attractions for a zone, a new option appears in the Information Centers:
SPECIAL. Click that, and pay 10 medals to unlock characters.

Code Result
Ao-bon (Blue Bomber) - Pay 10 Medals in Spade Zone
Gold Bomber - Pay 10 Medals in Diamond Zone
Kuro-bon (Black Bomber) - Pay 10 Medals in the Castle
Midori-bon (Green Bomber) - Pay 10 Medals in Club Zone
Pretty Bomber - Pay 10 Medals in Heart Zone
Shiro-bon (white Bomber) - Unlocked by Default
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