Чит коды на Zoom! (N64)

Hold L press C-Up or C-Down to zooom in and out of the battlefield.

Build a Tiberium Refinery. Sell the actual refinery and you will
receive $1,000 credits. You end up with an ore truck. You save $200
credits. If you were to build and ore truck through a war factory,
it would cost $1,200 credits

Sell Men
Place your Mini-Gunners really close to a sand bag wall and sell the
wall. If your men were close enough, and it works right, your men have
been sold.

Sandbagging trick
Use sandbags to build all the way to your enemies base. Now build some
defenses, guns or whatever to take them out! A ton of turrents is
especcially effective!

Sell vehicles
Place a not wanted vehicle on a repair bay and put the sell cursor over
the vehicle and preess "A".

Be able To Build Opponent's Units
Get your engineer to take over a enemies construction yard and you can
build their units

Sandbag trick
Build sandbags around your base with one gap and the enemy will only
atack through the route as the AI doesn't recognise it as a target.

Hidden UFO
While playing as the Global Defense Initiative (GDI) on mission 6, gain
access to the Air Attack. Then order your bombers to fly toward the lower
left-hand corner of the screen and destroy a designated target. Follow
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