Чит коды на Zelda64 (N64)

In the lost woods go toward the exit of your choice and stop just short of going through. you should see the next location or nothing in which case the exit leads back out to the start. however this does not show you the exit to the temple which still shows nothing when you are near to its exit.

1. When reaching adulthood in Zelda, you come upon many sad sights as the world has been ravaged by Gannon's evils, but worse of all: The chickens are nearly extinct! Fear not, because one of the chickens in Kakariko is still alive. Once you have your longshot, go up onto the house with the man staring into the sky. Now, look towards the windmill, and you'll notice a little door with a Grey thing in the lower right corner. Aim for the gray thing, and you'll be shot right into the upper area of the windmill. Up there, there's a chicken. Use him to float around on various previously inaccessible houses, or get the heart piece near the crazy chicken lady (you can get the container as a child as well.) Remember the chicken will only be there during the daytime...for some reason.

2. Go out into Hyrule field as a child, and try attacking the skeletons that come out at nighttime. If you can manage to finish off 10 of them before light arises, a bigger skeleton will rise from the ground and take you on.

3. Get on the chain that takes up the castle drawbridge and wait until night. When you ride up, go across the drawbridge to get an easy sixty rupees!

4. To get more than four bottles, go to Zora“s domain as a child, and catch a fish. Before you get the message that you caught a fish, press start and select an unwanted item, like the Mask of truth, or the claimcheck, and replace the bottle with the item. press start again and if you don“t miss, you will get an extra bottle! Note that this can also be done with fairies.

5. Go to Hyrule Castle, and look for a tree inside the castle fence next to the castle (it should be near where you first meet Talon). Play the Song of Storms to make a secret hole appear. Enter the hole to find three skulltulas - and a gold skulltula. Kill the gold skulltula. Now stand right next to the warp tile with your face facing the gold skulltula. Z-target the skulltula token and snag the token with your boomerang. But before the boomerang returns, run onto the warp tile. ***note: you should be very close to the warp tile, as in one step and you warp out***. Once outside, you should receive the skulltula token. Go back into the hole to find that same skulltula. Repeat this until you have as many skulltulas as you want.

6. Swordless Link Here is a way that you can use the c-button items on Epona..... After you beat Gannondorf (final 2 battles), GANNON will hit the master sword out of your hands After he does this, SAVE your game, then reset your game.... this will start you at the begining of Gannon's Castle with NO sword equiped. Now, leave Gannon's Castle and enter Hyrule Field.... Call Epona and get on the horse. Being that you dont have any sword equipped, the game will let you use any item that is able to be assigned to a c-button.

7. Go Under the Ice in Zora's Domain Here's the lowdown I have discovered how to get under the ice in Zoras domain. For this trick you must have the swordless Link trick. First get on Epona and go to lake Hylia, go to where the pillars are and position Epona so she is facing in the direction of the now frozen entrance to Zoras domain. Equip the iron boots and push the ocarina button so that y ou aren't on Epona slowly walk forward so that you don't cause Epona to nay and walk backwards. Keep going until you fall in front of the entrance, now push the A button, but right after you do that pause and switch to the Kokiri boots before you actualy mount Epona. You will now be sitting in the water but re-equip your iron boots so you have enough depth to switch boots back and swim toward the entrance to Zora's Domain. If you did it right you should warp to Zora's Domain, once there quikly equip your iron boots so as not to rise to the surface.

8. Crooked Cartridge
First start a new file and begin a game in the Kokiri Forest. You know how Mido always blocks you from leaving the Kokiri Forest or getting to the Deku Tree until you have the Kokiri Sword and Sheild. Well you can get past him by tricking the N64 itself! Here's how to do it. First get as close as you can to Mido. While gently pulling up on the left side of the Game Cartridge while the N64 is on push up on the control stick. Don't pull it out too far or the game will crash. If you do it just right you will go past Mido and end up in the passageway to the Deku Tree or even better yet you can get past the guy blocking the western passage and get in the Bridge that leads to Hyrule Field! Remember to push the game cartridge back down so all the garbled noise goes away. Once you enter these places you will have no sheild and sword. You will meet Saria like
normal and receive the Fairy Ocarina.

9. Cucco Attack!
Did you know that if you hit one of the cuccos enough a whole flock of them will come out and attack you? It is pretty cool, but be careful as they might take away a lot of life. If you do this as an adult on Epona, you won“t take damage!

10. Cucco Game Trick
Before you play the super-cucco game with Talon, throw all the ordinary cuccos into the corner at the bottom of the stairs. The super-cuccos will be the only ones in the middle of the room.

11. Fairies
Often times when Navi turns green you can play the Song of Storms and a red fairy will appear. You can do this in places like the secret grottos where the puddles are or at the flag pole near the entrance to Goron City.

12. Gossip Stone Tricks
Lay a bomb by a gossip stone, and it will flash green three times before flashing red and blasting off into space! If you hit it with your sword before it takes off it will stay the color it was when you hit it. Also, if you hit one with the Megaton Hammer you will flatten it. You can even shoot a gossip stone with a magic arrow and it will start spinning around wildly, and then stretch up! It will then return to normal.

13. Forest Stage
In the lost woods, in the room after you go past the room with the shortcut to zora's river, turn left rather than going straight. You will find two buisness scrubs and a magic bean pad. Ignore those and go straight back into the lush grass. There are butterflys around there. walk into those, and eventually you'll fall into a hole. Here, you can put on a mask and win deku stick upgrades (with the skull mask) and Deku Nut upgrades (with the mask of truth). Enjoy. Oh, and most other masks will get you at least 10 rupees from these guys.

14. The Sinking Lure
In the fishing game, there is a secret lure called the "sinking lure" that is hidden somewhere in the pond. It's location is random so you won't find it in the same place twice. Try walking along the walls or searching around the lily pads.

15. The Bald Pond Owner
If you go to the fis hing pond when your an adult,the pond owner will be wearing a hat for some reason. If you read the sign in front of the pond it'll say some rules. If you stand in front of him at a certain angle, you can cast at him and it just might hook his hat.When you reel it in and talk to him he'll ask for it back. Say no, and go cast out in the pond. He'll really start freaking out and charge you some rupees.

16. Bring in Some Serious Cash
Use the light arrow to shoot ordinary enemies. Rupees are guaranteed every time, usually you'll get a purple rupee, which is worth fifty. Also, skull kids in the lost forest can be killed (only when you are an adult) for an giant orange rupee! It's worth 200, every time, but you have to kill him with your sword.

17. Cheat at Treasure Chest Game
There is a way to cheat in the treasure chest game in The Market. All you have to do is use the Lens of Truth to see what is inside the chests! It's pretty cool, try it.

18. How to Get a Free Cow
When your a grown up, go to Lon Lon Ranch and when you've defeated Ingo and have gotten Epona, go to Malon's obstacle race and beat the 50'' second limit. When you've beat it she'll give you a cow. Go to your Koriki home and you'll discover a cow there. Play music and it will give you some milk.

19. 500 Rupee Trick
This Trick is very simple all you have to do is go to the Lost Woods as an adult and look for skull kid that you sold the skull mask to. And if you haven't sold it to him look for the kid who asks you to play saria's song. Once you find him kill him with the Biggoron's sword. IF you kill him you will get 500 rupees. Repair Signs If you get really mad and cut up any square sign( play Zelda's Lullaby near it, it will magically go back together.

20. Window Trick
When you meet Princess Zelda for the first time, if you go to the right window you'll see Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Bowser, and the Princess Toadstool. If you throw something into that window you'll get 20 rupees back, and if you throw something in the window to the left a bomb will be tossed out at you.

Lost Woods Navigation Tricks

1. When you explore the tunnels in the Lost Woods you can get sent back to the start if you go the wrong way. To resolve this try going up to each tunnel and walk very slow up to the black part. If a new room pops up then you can go ahead, if the tunnel stays black it will take you back to the start.

2. Go to a tunnel and shoot a bow/slingshot in the tunnel. If it does not hit right away you can enter it if it hits it right away then that tunnel will take you back to the beginning.

3. Look at the tunnel by standing in front of it. If the tunnel is pitch black you can go through. If it has five sided fog it will take you back to the beginning.

4. If you really don't want to navigate through the Lost Woods here are the ways you have to go. Right, Left, Right, Left, Forward, Left, and then Right. Free Lon Lon Milk If you have an empty bottle, stand in front of any cow and play "Epona's Song". The cow will feel energetic and fill your bottle up with Lon Lon Milk for free!

Infinite Bugs
After catching one bug from under a rock. Let him out of the bottle, And there will be three bugs. Catch him and the other two bugs that come out. This aways happens. It is very good to use next to the man who slaps the ground in Kakariko Village, since he will give you fifty rupees for each bug. Infinite Rupee Tricks Once you cross the bridge while going into The Market while you are Kid. Link there is a door to your right near the guard. In that room there are many round containers which you can throw and smash or use your sword to destroy. Many of those containers have rupees inside. Once you have destroyed them all exit. If you go back in you will discover that the containers are back and once again have rupees inside. In fact, you can go in and out as many times as you want collecting rupees! When you become Adult Link the room is different, but you can still use this trick since one container in the room has a red rupee worth 20 rupees!

Go to Death Mountain and go up to where you blew up the boulders on the way to the first Great Fairy's Fountain. There is a boulder right after those. It is before the part where Death Mountain erupts. If you blow it up you can go in a hole that will be in the ground. In the hole you will find many rupees. Everytime you exit and come back they will come back again also.

When you are Adult Link and can play the forest song play it to warp you... go up to the huge giant and run behind him and smack him, he will give you large amounts of money sometimes, (like 60 rupees) but he will usually give you about 15 or so... then you can just warp back and kill him again, or you can go up to the fairy pond and get healed and then come out and he is there again.

When you are Adut Link go to the hole infront of the old lady's potion shop, drop down into it. In one of the puddles there should be a fish in it. Bottle the fish and equip it. Go to the guy that looks like he is slapping the ground on the side of the Bazzar. Press the C button that you equipped the fish on infront of the man, he will say that he will buy the fish for 100 rupees and you will automatically sell it regardless. Then go back and get another fish and another until your rupees are maxed out. You can also sell the man bugs which come out from under rocks.

At Hyrule Castle stand on the drawbridge and wait for nightfall or play the Sun's Song. The drawbridge will rise up with you on top. At the top of the bridge you will find 3 Red Rupees each worth 20 rupees. Every time you do this the rupees will be back.

In Gerudo Valley, to the left of the bridge, fall of the edge and you will land on a ledge and there should be a boulder there. use the golden gauntlets to lift the boulder and there should be a hole and inside there is an Octorok and rupees in a pond. collect all the rupees and exit. When you lift the boulder again and fall inside the rupees and Octorok should be back again!

Gameshark codes:
88111A600 0140 Infinite Energy (1.0)
8111A66C 7777 All Game Items(1.0)

Trick 1: This isn't really a secret but did you know you could climb on the roots of the Great Deku Tree to his face! You can do this with all roots in the ground but I don't know if it has a purpose or not. We actually touched his Mustache. If any one can like touch his nose or anything please contact us.

Secret 2: Go to Hyrule Field as a kid at night. NOw kill as many Stalchildren you can. If you kill 10 real fast one twice his size will pop out of the ground. And if you kill 20 one 3 times a normal ones size will come out! I have never managed to kill more then 22, if some one does please e-mail us!

Secret 3: This is something I noticed, at the shooting Gallery as a kid do you notice that the BIGGORONS sword is on the wall. Strange, it looks just like it. And when you shoot it it doesn't do anything. Hmmm... If any one finds what this does please contact us right away!

Secret 4: Behind Princess Zelda in The Courtyard when you look through the window, and if you notice the soldiers they are wearing SUNGLASSES!!

Secret 5: If you shoot the black diamond thingies by the Drawbridge on the castle itself (not outside of the market), and red ruppes will come out of both!

Secret 6: There is a ledge in the room with the cows where you have to push the blocks to go in a hole to get to a hay stack with a heart container. The ledge is above the cows, and it has one of those boxes up there. If anybody finds out how to get there, please let us know!

Secret 7: Did you know that signs float? It is pretty cool. Has no purpose but it is pretty cool.

Secret 8: Did you know if you try to hit bugs on the ground they will run away! And if you put a bug in a pond with a fish, the fish will try to eat the bug! Neat huh!

Secret 9: THIS IS A BIG SECRET!!! Did You Know That there is a HOLE in Darunias room in the ceiling!!! You can shoot seeds, and hookshot and do anything to the inside of it!! I just cant get up there! I have been trying hard too (I've even put a bombchu up it), it actually looks like it is connected to another part of the ceiling, like it is supposed to move! It might be connected to the hole in Zora's Domain! I think like maybe you have to be above it to open it up! And if you do something good might happen, like a secret passageway, or maybe a 7th big fairy!!! If anyone can get up there please let me know right away!!!

Secret 10: Did you know in of the shops hat are open during the day..can be gotten to at night!!! Just go into a store during the day and play the Suns Song, it will be night and you will be in tat store! You can also do this with stores open at night and closed during the day! This might have something to do with that guy with the tattoo, i tried it but it didn't work really.

Secret 10: This is not a secret but fun to do, try to stand next to the water at night while a kid and if a skullchild comes, lure him into the water and he will DIE! Its pretty cool to watch!

Secret 11: Did you know you can destroy signs with a deku nut? Hmmmmm I wonder why? If anyone finds out anything COOL to do with the Deku Nuts. Please contact us right away!

Secret 12: This is REAL COOL, did you know that right after you play a song for both scarecrows, the one you play for the one that is right next to the water, you an play the Scarecrow's Song!. What's weird is that you haven't learned it on your ocarina yet and you the scarecrow hasn't told you that Pierre will come when you play it!

Secret 13: Did you know if you stand next to a bunch of fish, one of the fish will start circling you! It looks like he is trying to get your attention! Weird huh?

Secret 14: THE BIG SECRET!!!!
The Secret s HOW TO GET INTO THE UNDERWATER HOLE IN ZORAS DOMAIN!!! O.K. you know that hole in Zoras domain, that's in the opposite corner of the ladder that leads into the water? Well I have
finally figured out how to get down there! O.K. go start a new diving game, and stand on the platform next to the ladder facing the direction of the hole. Now when the timer gets to 1 jump in the air towards the hole, hopefully you timed it to where you will be in the air when it says 0. It is very Important that you are in the air when it says 0, or this will not work. Now when you are in the air and it says 0 the message will pop up saying "Awe to bad you didn't get all of the rupees (or something like that)"This will make you to stop moving in air, THUS you will sink all the way down right in front of the hole!!! All you have to do is turn around and swim in! THIS IS THE BUMMER: WE Couldn't find anything in the hole! it is just about 5 feet in depth but then it is blocked off by a wall! We tried many things. If ANYONE FINDS OUT WHAT THIS IS FOR PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY!!!!

Secret 15: You know the secret at the top about the unusually HUGE stalchild, well you can do the same thing with the Guays (black birds) at Lon Lon Ranch! Go to the back of the ranch and stand on the RIGHT side of the door that leads to the room with cows and boxes and a hole and a Heart Piece in a hay stack! Then take out your slingshot and start shooting as many of the Guays as
you can! After about 10, one huge one will start to fly slowly over you! He is Huge! It is so cool to kill this guy, especially if he is chasing you!!! If anyone finds out what this means please contact us!

Secret 16: The secret about the huge stalchild and the huge Guay can now be down in the Desert Collosus where all those grin spinning, moving things come up out of the sand! Stand on the hill of sand right next to the stairs that lead to the Spirit Temple and then start killing as many of the green things as you can, soon a large PURPLE ONE will come out of the sand! He is hard to kill and takes a while to kill! hats with all of these huge monster things! if anyone finds out please contact me!

Secret 17: Ok go to Lake Hylia at night as an adult, go under water right next to the Scientists house where the Guays (birds) are flying right above you. Have your Iron Boots on. Wait for a Guay to fly right above you and see you. Then it will hopefully dive at you. Just stand there and keep looking at it from under the water! And then it will actually DIVE INTO THE WATER WITH YOU! If you keep looking at him and it looks like he's gonna hit you, don't worry, once he's in the water he harmless!!! Its so cool to see him under water, hell stay under for about 3 secs then go back up! This is a pretty neat secret that I like to see.

Secret 18: This isn't really a secret but can be helpful. If you shoot the morning sun at lake hylia while standing on that plaque (just like you did when you got the fire arrows), a Bug bottle of Magiv Power will come own. Its just another way to get more magic power.

This is not one of our secrets, but it is cool.
When you co to the sacred forest meadow when an adult... well u know the guy with the big bat thing right by the stairs well when u wear your hover boot's go real close by him and let him send you back but when you wear the hover boots when you do that you fly all the way up to the top of the stairs. Cool, hehe!

Secret19: If you go to the back alleys of the market right before you go to the temple of time with the ocarina of time, you wil see a soldier, laying beside the milk bottles, talk to him and he will tlell you about hoew zelda escaped and how he tried to protect her...then he will die! its pretty cool, cause hardly no oone knows about it...

Secret 20: Ok, this one MIGHT BE A HUGE SECRET!! Got to the Lost Woods, then go to the lone skull kid on his log. Scare him off of it, and then push up against the log and press A (or the blue button). This should make you climb on top of the log. Then press Cup and look up. You should see a Triangle that shines light down on you!! On the little stump across from the log also has one!! That makes 2 Triangles!, I couldnt find a third one though. I even went to the other skull kids log and loked up, but it was just an Octagon, or som kinda shape with a gon at the end. I shot up into them with al my weapons, played all my songs and everything, but nothing happened.... IF ANYONE FINDS OUT WHAT THEY MEAN PLEASE CONTACT US RIGHT AWAY!!

Secret 21: Ok this is about a SECRET GOSSIP STONE!!! (A REAL SECRET GOING AROUND ON THE INTERNET) Go to the deku tree as a kid, just dont go inside him actually just infront of him. Face his face, then climb up his far left ROOT then try to walk a little ways across his face to get to that high root that you can't climb over. Now turn around and press "Z" (or the trigger button) and hold it, then do a back-flip. This should put you on the or near the root that could not be climed over! jump down the side that you have never been to before, then kinda back-flip or walk over all the other roots until you get to a GOSSIP STONE!! If you put on your Mask of Truth and talk to it, it will say something liike, they say there was a kokiri boy that left the forest and SURVIVED! Dont think that hes talking about you, because you are in your kid form, and haven't gone yet! Or atleast he wouldnt have known until you where an adult, right? Well if you think we're right or if you want to to tell us something you found, e-mail us PLEASE! There are many more secrets in the game! We are searching very hard for more secrets. (We even have our friends searching for some too).
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