Чит коды на Yoshi's Story (N64)

Adjust stage select display:
Press C-Left or C-Right to turn the display, or press
R or Z to adjust the zoom.

To get infinit continues:
Reset the game when you lose your last life. You wil
resume play with all your lives from the level you died

Select Yoshi's color in practice mode
Select any course under "Trial" mode. Select the desired
Yoshi and press Start, then press Start + Z. Press B and
being practice mode with that color Yoshi.

Mario Paint theme song
Enter the "Time Trial" menu and listed to the game theme
eight times.

Press Z + L + A + B.

Restore Yoshi
Locate and get a white Shy Guy. Complete the current level
and enter the character selection screen for the next level.
Select the Shy Guy to restore one of the dead Yoshis. Note:
If no Yoshis have been lost, the white Shy Guy will not

Special message
Collect six melons in a row during a mini-game to get a heart
fruit. Eat the fruit to create a letter made from coins at the
end of the mini-game. If you use the letters in the order of
appearance by level, they spell the following phrase:

Shrink in "Piranha Groove" (level 4-4). Hit an egg block
while shrunk to create a very small egg. Take it while still
shrunk. The egg will remain small as you return to normal size.
Note: The mini-egg is still as powerful as the full-size version.

Egg restore
If Yoshi is low on eggs, is not next to a egg block, and super
happy, prepare to fire an egg but cancel that action. Yoshi will
put the egg into the inventory and allowing it to be kept.
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