Чит коды на Xtreme G2 (N64)

Также известная как: Extreme G2, Extreme-G 2
Enter following code as password:

3GP8ZKW76ZMW - All bikes
8KLSZKW76ZM7 - All tracks
68QCMH3H9HT - Venom Bike
55HZ1MH3H9H1 - Wasp Bike
N31GG76CG9DZ - Extra multi-player levels (only after entering "Venom bike" or "Wasp bike" codes)
HSFDCCV611FV - Spectre bike
W7LRGCQ9D6P5 or 27PVNM6F45S1 - All bikes, tracks, and duel mode
HS3B9BQ9DGPL - Mirror mode (Alternatively complete Meltdown under the hard difficulty setting)

Level skip:
Enter RA50 as a name at the bike selection screen in extreme contest mode. Begin game play, then press Start to pause the race. Select the Quit option and choose Yes to confirm. Select the "Go" option at the placing screen to advance to the next level.

Race as programmers:
Successfully complete mirror mode under the hard difficulty setting to race as one of the XG2 Bikers.

Enter following codes as a name at the bike selection screen in extreme contest mode. The word "Extreme" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry. Enter this code again to return to normal mode.

XCHARGE - Unlimited lasers and shields, improved acceleration
NITROID - Unlimited nitros
2064 - WipeOut mode
LINEAR - Wireframe graphics
SPIRAL - Spiraling Screen
MISPLACE - Misplace Mode
SPYEYE - Overhead View
PIXIE - Remove screen fog
JUGGLE - Random tracks
FLICK - Blurred graphics
XXX - Faster Racing
NOPANEL - Full screen
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