Чит коды на WWF Wrestlemania 2000 (N64)

How to get night stick:
Select Big Bossman as character then go to addiance and hit c-up youshould then have the night stick

Get a Random Wrestler:
On the character select screen press C-Down

Get Extra Wrestlers:
Finish the Road to Wrestlemania Mode

Get a Random Wrestler:
On the character select screen press C-Down

Different Costumes:
At the character select screen press C-Right or C-Left

Headbangers appearance: Edit Chaz and change his clothes to Thrasher's, name to "MOSH" (case-sensitive), theme and video to the Headbangers, and edit his first costume. When fighting Mosh and Thrasher, they will appear as the Headbangers.

Go to "Edit" and select one of the Originals. Then, go to "Clone" and select Debra, Terri, etc. You may now edit the woman. Select "Attire" and change the outfits. Costumes for Stephanie McMahon and two other females are there. You have to save her as an Original. You can trade her to go over to the Superstars Fed. with the other females.

Flip opponent on turnbuckle:
Press L while an opponent is stunned in the corner to flip him on the turnbuckle

New Stone Cold Clothes: Beat the "Road to Wrestlemania" with Stone Cold to obtain new outfits.
Manager assistance:
Your manager can help fight if your wrestler is the first person in the ring. Hold C-Up + C-Down + Z on controller three to have your manager be controlled by player three. If your wrestler is the second person in the ring, hold C-Up + C-Down + Z on controller four. Note: This only works for single matches.

Manager interference:
Start a one-on-one match and select a wrestler that has a manager/valet. Select an opponent that does not have a manager/valet. Start the match and wait for a run-in. After the new wrestler enter the ring, your manager will jump into the match and beat up the interfering wrestler.

See Finishing Moves:
The spirit meter must be on Special then get in a tie-up and press the Analog Stick.

Pick up a weapon:
Go to the side barricade. Then, face the crowed and press C-Up.

Steal opponent's finishing move:
Strong grapple your opponent while your Attitude meter is flashing, then press the Analog-stick in any direction while simultaneously pressing A + B. Now you can humiliate your opponent by smacking him or her around with their own move.

Tree Of Woe position:
While your opponent is in the turnbuckle, grapple him then press L.

If you execute the 'special move' 5 times consecutively, Owen Hart falls from the rafters into the ring.

Beat the Road to Wrestlemania with The Undertaker and unleash the corpse of Owen hart. You can then play as tag-team partners with rotting flesh!!! Yeah!!

Get to Road to Wrestlemania with Steve Austin and get hit by a car.

Play road to Wrestlemania as test and eventually Stephanie will follow him out, then you can play as Stephanie.

Play road to wrestlemania with the undertaker. Finish the game and you unlock the ability to play as Paul Bearer.

Play raod to wrestlemania with any character and when you get to Wrestlemania you unlock the ability to play as the king and Jim Ross.

Beat road to wrestlemania with Kane on hard twice and save then both don't delete them and you'll get inferno match.

Get d-generation-x:
Change HHH & X-PACs music & video to DX, then do a tag match and they will appear together

Unmask Kane:
Go to Edit, pick Kane, then go to face, then mask and pick 0 and you will see his burns.
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