Чит коды на WWF: Attitude (N64)

When you are stun press LEFT LEFT X to throw your oponent out of the ring.

Career mode bonuses:
Select a wrestler and win the WWF title in career mode to unlock all hidden wrestlers, and unlock other bonuses, such as Ego Mode, Squeaky Mode, Big Heads, Bleep Mode, additional costumes and others. A new feature will be awarded for each PPV victory or title. Note: Save the game under "Utilities" and not under "Career Mode" to keep the unlocked cheat features.

Double-team moves:
Begin a tag team, tornado or two-on-one match. To perform the following moves, each player should press Tieup simultaneously, except for the last move, in which only the player on the turnbuckle needs to press Tieup.

Random wrestler:
Press R at the character selection screen.

Hold Kick + Tieup and press Up, Left, Down, or Right during a match.

Glitch: Triple H appearance:
When Triple H appears with the microphone he does not say anything when entering the ring, even with the Teen option turned enabled.

Instruction manual error:
The triple threat match is switched with the triangle match in the instruction manual.

The instruction manual states that you will lose in last man standing if the count goes up to ten. However, you actually lose when the count goes down to one.
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