Чит коды на World Driver Championship (N64)

All GT2 Circuit cars:
Press Z, Right, Z(3), B, C-Down, A, Right, Start on controller two at the teams, event
select, save game, or main menu screens. All cars will be unlocked at the GT2 Circuit
team selection screen. Note: No experience points will be gained and the same number of
Gold Cups still are needed to unlock events.

Alternate car color:
Press Z at the car selection screen.

All Sydney tracks:
Remove the memory pak from the controller. Start a new championship, and enter
FROZENSKY as a name. Accept an offer from one of the two teams. Once you have
accepted, return to the main menu, and select a quick race. Choose one of the race
modes, and you should have access to any of the Sydney tracks. Return to the main menu,
and insert the memory pak. Load your current career to restore all of your game settings.
Save your career. When the game is reloaded, all six variations of the Sydney tracks
should still be available.

All cars and tracks:
Begin a new championship mode and enter RACES THE BEST as a name. Then, press
Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up at the next screen that appears.

Custom ending sequence:
Successfully complete the GT2 Circuit to unlock the GT2 ending sequence selection on the
options screen. Select that option to view any car in the ending sequence.

Falcon Interceptor:
Successfully complete the game with a gold trophy in all events. Return to the event
selection screen and choose the novice cup. Defeat the Falcon Interceptor car in the
novice cup races. The Falcon interceptor will be unlocked under the Boss Racing on the
team selection screen.

Mirrored tracks:
Press Z to choose a track at the track selection screen in quick race or versus mode.

Pink cars:
Start a new game in championship mode and enter IGN64 as a name.
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