Чит коды на WCW vs. nWo World Tour (N64)

Alternate costumes:
Press C-Left or C-Right at the player selection screen.

Automatic move reversal:
When your opponent does a weak or strong attack (such as by pressing B), press Right when he hits your character to automatically reverse the move.

Character selection camera:
Use the Analog-stick at the character selection screen to move the character and adjust the zoom.

Play as Diamond Dallas Page:
Complete WCW in league challenge mode.

Play as Glacier:
Complete IU in league challenge mode.

Play as Joe Bruiser or Black Widow:
After completing DOA, IU, WCW, and NOW in league challenge mode, select the new "Whole World Wrestling" option. Complete the Heavyweight and Cruiserweight classes, to face Joe Bruiser and Black Widow. Both will be selectable characters after they are defeated.

Play as Macho Man Randy Savage:
Complete NWO in league challenge mode.

Play as Wrath:
Complete DOA in league challenge mode.
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