Чит коды на Wave Race 64 (N64)

Cheat your way to the top of the list! This trick allows you to earn extra points in the Stunt Mode without having to complete a lot of stunts. During the Stunt Mode, if you press the Start Button to pause the game the instant you hit the water after completing a stunt (when the announcer first begins to talk), the game will record extra points, then reveal the points when you cross the start line. This timing can be a bit tricky, so it may take a few tries to get the hang of it. Note: the extra points do NOT show up as you complete the stunts, only at the end of the course.

This trick allows you to change your image on the Wave Race 64 Circuit. On the Jet Ski selection screen, push Up on the Control Stick to change the Jet Ski and rider colors to the alte rnate selection. Not only will the colors change, so will the number on the side of the jet ski. Activate your chosen color scheme by pushing the A or B Button. Note: You cannot change patterns if you select the same watercraft.

Sometimes you need to get a jump on the competition, especially in the Expert Circuit of Wave Race 64. This trick will give you that extra kick off the starting line. Instead of revving your engines while waiting for the green light, wait for the light to flash before touching the gas. Depending on your precise timing, the amount of instant acceleration may vary, but you'll blast away from the starting line and take the early lead.

This trick allows you to ride a dolphin in the "Warm-Up Mode." To do it, select Dolphin Park in Stunt Mode. Go through all of the rings and complete the following stunts: handstand, spin (ride backwards), stand and somersault, barrel roll left off a ramp, barrel roll right off a ramp, flip off a ramp, then dive underwater from a ramp. If you did it all correctly, the dolphin will squeak when you cross the finish line.

Exit the course and select Warm Up in Championship mode. On the Character Select screen, hold Down on the Control Stick or the Control Pad as you press Start to choose your rider. Once you start the Warm Up mode, you'll appear on the dolphin. Good news: once you've entered this code for the first time, the Game Pak saves it so you can ride the dolphin in Dolphin Park any time (in Warm Up) without having to do it again.

With this trick, you can spot baby dolphins, a giant dolphin, a parent and baby Killer Whale and a big penguin.

To see some baby dolphins in Dolphin Park, chase after the regular dolphin as precisely as you can. When following the dolphin, it will lead you through the starting gate twice per lap. On the second time through, if you see the dolphin jump the dock that is after the starting gate, you're on your way. Continue to follow the dolphin until a baby dolphin appears and begins to follow the regular dolphin. If you follow the dolphin around the track without hitting anything, as many as three baby dolphins will appear. A giant dolphin will appear if you play the Warm-Up Mode 20 times consecutively.

If you've scored over 35 points before you reach Southern Island in the Championship Mode, you will see a Killer Whale swimming near the pier. If you score over 45 points, two baby Killer Whales will show up.

A large swimming penguin will appear swimming in the icy waters of the Glacier Park course if you take first place in every Championship Mode race up to that point. Good luck!
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