Чит коды на War Gods (N64)

On the screen where it says "Midway presents War Gods," press Right three times, B, B, A, A. The screen will flash if done correctly. If you go under Options, there should be a menu option called Cheat Menu. In the Cheat Menu, you can edit the following options:

P1 Skill: Handicap feature for Player one.
P2 Skill: Handicap feature for Player two.
Level Select: Allows you to choose which stage to play on.
Game Timer: Turn on or off the game's timer.

Easy Fatality: You can do the fatalities without having to remember what the Character's specific move is. To execute the Easy Fatality move, stand at the required distance needed to do the Fatality, and simultaneously press High Punch, Low Punch, High Kick and Low Kick.
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