Чит коды на Vigilante 8: Second Offense (N64)

All Cars
Enter LLA_KCOLNU as the password

God Mode:
Enter ELBINCIVNI as the password

Max Stats for all cars
Enter LLA_DORTOH as the password

Attract enemies:
Enter UNDER_FIRE as a password to have three enemies to attack simultaneously.

Big wheels:
Enter GO_MONSTER as a password.

Faster cars:
Enter MORE_SPEED as a password.

Fast action:
Enter QUICK_PLAY as a password to enable a random arcade feature.

High suspensions:
Enter JACK_IT_UP as a password.

Heavier cars:
Enter GO_RAMMING as a password to increase your car's weight and ramming ability.

No wheel attachment icons:
Enter DRIVE_ONLY as a password to disable wheel attachment icons from spawning.

No gravity:
Enter NO_GRAVITY as a password. Gravity will be reduced to the point that your car will almost float when a bump is hit

Password screen:
Enter the options screen, select "Game Status", highlight one of the characters, then hold L + R.

Rapid fire mode:
Enter RAPID_FIRE as a password to remove the delay when shooting weapons.

Same cars in multi-player:
Enter MIXED_CARS as a password to allow more than one person to select the same car in multi-player mode.

Solo play in arcade mode:
Enter HOME_ALONE as a password.

Super missiles:
Enter BLAST_FIRE as a password to increase the damage from missiles.

Slow motion mode:
Enter GO_SLOW_MO as a password.

Ultra rez option:
Note: This code requires the RAM expansion pak. Enter GO_MAX_REZ as a password.

View all ending sequences:
Enter LONG_MOVIE as a password to view all endings in one continuous sequence.
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