Чит коды на Top Gear Rally 2 (N64)

100,00 Sponsor Credits in Support Van:
Press L Button, Z button, START, L button, L button

Bouncy Cars:
Press C-Up, C-Left, R, L, Down.

Chubby world view:
Press Z, C-right, L, Up, Right.

High Res Mode (REQUIRES Expansion Pak):
Press C-Left, C-Left, Left, L, L.

Max Champ points in Support Van:
Press L, C-Up, Left, L, L.

No damage or failures:
Press L, Z, Start, Up, Up.

No depth view:
Press Z, C-Right, R, Up, Right.

One Big Tire:
Press C-Left, Z, R, Down, Down.

Repair Power:
Press L, Z, R, L, and Start. Do it at the race description screen.

Speed Warp View:
Press Z, C-Left, R, Up, Right.

Speed-based aspect ratio:
Press Z, C-Left, L, Up, Right.

Topsy Turvy:
Press C-Up, Z, Start, Up, Down.

Volcano valley world:
Press C-Left, Z, R, L, Down at the title screen.

Wobble Tire:
Press R, C-right, Start, Down, Z.
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