Чит коды на Rocket Robot On Wheels (N64)

The following codes are typed after pausing the game:

Up, Down, Z, R, Left, Up, Down, Left, Down, Down - All vehicles
Z, Right, Down, Up, Down, R, Up, Down, Left, Up - Super speed
Up, Right, Right, R, Right, R, Z, R, R, Up - Heavy Rocket
Down, Up, Down, Z, Up, Up, Up, R, Up Z - Super jump
Up, R, R, Left, Z, Z, Down, Left, Up, Right - Low friction
Z, R, Z, R, Down, R, R, Right, Right, R - Low gravity
Down, Left, Right, Z, Down, Right, Down, Down, Down, Left - Super grab
R, R, Right, Up, Z, Left, R, Z, Left, Up - Super grapple
Up, Z, Right, Up, Down, R, Up, Down, Down, Up - Disable all cheats
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