Чит коды на Re-volt (N64)

Go to the single game menu and type:
B,A,Z,Z,B,L,A,C-UP - unlock all cars and tracks.

Extra Cars & Tracks:
To get extra cars & tracks, beat a championship race (bronze, silver, gold, or platinum, it doesen't matter) finishing first in points standing. In bronze you unlock slower cars but in platinum you will unlock faster cars. With tracks you unlock harder tracks in gold and platinum, but in bronze and silver you unlock easier tracks.

Getting unstuck:
Press C-Up to get unstuck. For example, if you fall into the pool in Toytanic, press C-Up to stop and get out of the water. Press R when flipped over to get right side up.

Jump in multi-player mode:
Press C-Up to jump during multi-player mode.

Mirror Tracks:
To unlock mirror courses, beat Time Trial Challenge times on all reverse tracks
in each circuit.

Reverse Tracks:
To unlock reverse courses, beat Time Trial Challenge times on all (forward)
tracks in each circuit.

Reverse-Mirror Tracks:
To unlock reverse-mirror courses, beat Time Trial Challenge times on all mirror tracks in each circuit.

To make a plasma shotgun as a flashlight go in a dark place and charge it up then it will make a flashlight.
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