Чит коды на Rampage World Tour (N64)

When a World Tour is over and the name of an American city appears on screen, hold Down and, if you're George, press Jump three times; if you're Lizzy, punch three times, or if you're Ralph, Kick three times. This will change bad food to good food during the next stage.

If you're about to enter Casablanca, Kiev, Kodak, London, Moab, Nashville, Rio de Janeiro or Washington D.C., press Jump if you're George; Punch if you're Lizzy, or Kick if you're Ralph. If you press the correct button before the city name fades, all the bad food in the city will disappear.

On the Main Menu or Character Select screen, hold the L Button and all four C Buttons until you hear a tone. Begin a game and go to the screen that shows the city and the day. With either the Control Pad or Control Stick, press Up or Down to select a country, and Left or Right to select a city.

If you're about to enter Atlanta, Louisville, Fairbanks, San Diego or Phoenix, you can warp to a hidden stage instead. When the city name appears, press Jump three times if you are George, Punch three times if you're Lizzy or Kick three times if you're Ralph. You can warp from Atlanta to Suburbia, from Louisville to the Warehouse, from Fairbanks to the Underworld, from San Diego to Caleb's City and from Phoenix to Area 69.

If you're about to enter Cleveland, Fargo, Oklahoma City or Reno, and you're George, press Jump, Punch and Kick; if you're Lizzy, press Punch, Kick and Jump; if you're Ralph, press Kick, Jump and Punch. You must enter the code before the name of the city fades and the stage begins! If done correctly, you'll skip anywhere from seven to ten days ahead.
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