Чит коды на Pokemon Snap (N64)


Number - Name - Location
01 - Bulbasaur - River, Cave
04 - Charmander - Volcano
05 - Charmeleon - Volcano
06 - Charizard - Volcano
07 - Squirtle - Valley
11 - Metapod - River
12 - Butterfree - Beach
14 - Kakuna - Tunnel
16 - Pidgey - Beach
25 - Pikachu - Beach, Tunnel, River, Cave
27 - Sandshrew - Valley
28 - Sandslash - Valley
37 - Vulpix - Volcano
39 - Jigglypuff - Cave
41 - Zubat - Tunnel, Cave
45 - Vileplume - River
50 - Diglett - Tunnel
51 - Dugtrio - Tunnel
52 - Meowth - Beach
54 - Psyduck - River
56 - Mankey - Valley
58 - Growlithe - Volcano
59 - Arcanine - Volcano
60 - Poliwag - River
70 - Weepinbell - Cave
71 - Victreebel - Cave
74 - Geodude - Valley
75 - Graveler - Valley
78 - Rapidash - Volcano
79 - Slowpoke - River
80 - Slowbro - River
81 - Magnemite - Tunnel
82 - Magneton - Tunnel
84 - Doduo - Beach
88 - Grimer - Cave
89 - Muk - Cave
90 - Shellder - River
91 - Cloyster - River
93 - Haunter - Tunnel
101 - Electrode - Tunnel
109 - Koffing - Cave
113 - Chansey - Beach
115 - Kangaskhan - Beach
118 - Goldeen - Valley
120 - Staryu - Valley
121 - Starmie - Valley
123 - Scyther - Beach
124 - Jynx - Cave
125 - Electabuzz - Tunnel
126 - Magmar - Volcano
129 - Magikarp - Beach, Tunnel, Volcano, River, Cave, Valley
130 - Gyarados - Valley
131 - Lapras - Beach
132 - Ditto - Cave
133 - Eevee - Beach
137 - Porygon - River
143 - Snorlax - Beach
144 - Articuno - Cave
145 - Zapdos - Tunnel
146 - Moltres - Volcano
147 - Dratini - Valley
149 - Dragonite - Valley
151 - Mew Myuu - Rainbow Cloud


Go to where a lot of green smoke is coming out of a flower top in the River level. Play the Pokк Flute and Vileplume will come out and dance. Press C-Down again to see a different dance. This may be done again until all four dances are seen.

Faster points screen:
Hold B after you finish with a level and Professor Oak gives you points for your pictures.

To photograph a Charizard, throw an apple at the Charmeleon by the lava pool near the end of the volcanic level. If you knock him in the lava he will evolve into a Charizard.

Get Muk:
In the Cave there are two grimers. Take lots of pictures of them. When the third appears near the three bulbasaurs, take a picture. Now throw lots of pester balls at him. He will evolve into Muk.

Ghost Photos:
In the first tunnel, take pictures of the purple myst that floats around. When they develop you'll have a picture of Haunter.

Group of Charmanders:
To find a group of Charmander, go to to the place where you can find the Moltres egg. The pelt the egg with pokemon food, and if you've recieved pester balls, throw those. Then you'll see a Charmander call his buddies. From then on, it's a waiting game. After the Charmander come, take a picture and you'll recieve bonus points from Professor Oak.

Mythical Birds:
Each of the three birds will be in an egg.

The first Mythical bird is Moltres (he is in the Volcano level), he will be easy to find since his egg is blocking your path. all you have to do is hit the egg with pokemon food or pester balls and a moltres will emerge from the hot lava

To get Zapdos you must lure pikachu to the egg sitting in the tunnel then play a pokeflute. If you did it right pikachu will hit the egg and he will shoot the egg out and the egg will blow up revealing Zapdos.

Articuno: Play your Pokeflute when you see the Jynx and the egg.

Posing Pikachus:
It seems everyone's favorite Pokemon is just looking for a photo op. Here's some locations for some very special photographs.

To see Pikachu rolling on a ball go to the Tunnel. When you start the stage take pictures of the Pikachu immediately. He should move farther down. Keep taking his picture. He will stop and jump on a rolling Electrode. To see Speed Pikachu go to the River. At the very end on your left you should see Pikachu hiding behind a tree. Throw an apple at Pikachu and it should fall down. Then he will run back and forth as the Speed Pikachu. To see Pikachu surfing go to the Beach. Throw apples at the first Pikachu you see. Throw the apples on the right side of your tracks. There will be a surf board there so try to lead him there. If you do it right he will surf. To see Pikachu on a stump go to the Beach stage. The first time you see Meowth chasing a pidgey out of the long grass, throw pester balls into the long grass to get Scyther. After you get Scyther, 2 Pikachus should come out to the stump on your left side. Lead them with apples and play the poke flute.

In the cave, towards the end, you will see a zubat carrying Pkachu. Hit the zubat with apples and pesterballs until he drops Pikachu. Pikachu will sprout balloons and fly away.Save Pikachu from the Zubat in the Cave and awaken Articuno from his egg by playing the Pokeflute. When you get to the end of the level next to where Jigglypuff's stage is, turn around and you'll see Pikachu riding on Articuno.

Rainbow Cloud Stage:
To get to the secret level (Level #7 The Rainbow Cloud Stage) take pictures of these following landmarks on all of the 6 stages:

Stage#1 - The Kingler rock formation is on the left after you pass Pikachu's surfboard.

Stage#2 - The Pinsir shadow will appear some time after you release the Zapdos from the beginning of the level. You will see the Pinser shadow on the right after you pass the second Electabuzz.

Stage#3 - The Koffing cloud appears on the left at the very beginning of the level.

Stage#4 - The Cubone rock formation will be above the Vileplume you see (to see the Vileplume play the Pokeflute in front of a large purple bag you see near the beginning of the level.)

Stage#5 - Mewtwo's energy form will appear on the left soon after you see the Weepinbell.

Stage#6 - The Dugtrio Rocks are right in front of you when you start the level.

Save the Jigglypuff:
On Level 5 there will be a koffing chasing a jigglypuff in three different spots. Throw pokemon food or pester balls at the koffing to make them stop. If you free all 3 jigglypuff they will sing for you at the end of the level.

The Secret Switch:
In order to do this trick you must be on the River stage.
1.Go threw the Metepod Tunnel
2.Look on the right side .
3.Look for something goin up and down on the roks it is the same color
4.There will be 3 of them at the last one throw a pester ball at it
5.A Porygon will pop out and jump on a putten and tht is the end.
You can also take a pic of porygon 2

Balloon Pikachu!:
To get balloon pikachu go in the Cave level and when you get up to the part where a Zubat is flying pikachu around the top of the cave shoot a pester ball and Pikachu will fall down then some balloons will attach to him and he'll float down!Snap him to get over 6000 points!!

Get Blastoise:
Go to the levell where you see about 7 squirtle shells on the water. Then you throw as many pesterballs as you can then he will jump out of the water with some squirtles. [P.S. Only works when game beaten!!!]
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