Чит коды на Perfect Dark (N64)

How to get different codes & modes:

Cheat/Mode - Finish level - Time - Difficulty
Invincibility - Area 51: Escape - 3:50 - Agent
Infinite Ammo - Pelagic LL: Exploration - 7:07 - Special Agent
All Guns in Solo Mode - Skedar Ruins: Battle Shrine - 5:31 - Perfect Agent
Unlimited Laptop Gun Ammo - Air Force One Anti Terrorism - 3:55 - Perfect Agent
X-Ray Scanner - Area 51: Rescue - n/a - Any
Unlimited Ammo & no reloads - Air Base: Espionage - 3:11 - Special Agent
R-Tracker - Skedar Ruins: Battle Shrine - n/a - Any
Hurricane - Fists Datadyne Central: Extraction - 2:03 - Agent
Cloak/Invisible - G5 Building: Reconnaissance - 1:30 - Agent
DK Mode - Chicago: Stealth - n/a - Any
Be Elvis - Area 51: Rescue - 7:59 - Perfect Agent
Team Heads Only - Air Base: Espionage - n/a - Any
Jo Shield - Deep Sea: Nullify Threat - n/a - Any
Small People - Area 51: Infiltration - n/a - Any
Tiny Jo - G5 Building: Reconnaisance - n/a - Any
Slow Motion (Single Player) - Datadyne Research: Investigation - n/a - Any
Super Shield - Carrington Institute: Defense - 1:45 - Any
Classic Sight - Datadyne Central: Defection - n/a - Any
Perfect Darkness - Crash Site: Confrontation - n/a - Any
Enemy Rockets - Pelagic LL: Exploration - n/a - Any
Enemy Shields - Carrington Institute: Defnese - n/a - Any
Marquis of Queensbury Rules - Datadyne Central: Defection - 1:30 - Special Agent

Jo Single Player
Rocket Launcher - Datadyne Central: Extraction - n/a - Any
Superdragon - Area 51: Escape - n/a - Any
Sniper Rifle - Carrington Villa: hostage One - n/a - Any
Laptop Gun Air - Force One: Anti Terrorism - n/a - Any
Phoenix Attack - Ship: Covert Assault - n/a - Any
Psycosis Gun - Chicago: Stealth - 2:00 - Perfect Agent
Trent's Magnum - Crash Site: Confrontation - 2:50 - Agent
Farsight - Deep Sea: nullify Threat - 7:27 - Perfect Agent
Classic Weapons - Get all Golds on Firing Range - n/a - n/a

Hit and Run - Carrington Villa: Hostage - 2:30 - Special Agent
Alien Attack - Ship: Covert Assault - 5:17 - Special Agent
Hot Shot - Area 51: Infiltration - 5:00 - Special Agent
Velvet Dark - Datadyne Research: Investigation - 6:30 - n/a

Area 51: Rescue double silenced Falcon 2s:
In the Area 51: Rescue level, go up the first ramp and turn right. Go to the stack of crates in the corner. Behind it, instead of where a crate should be, will be a blue object. Shoot it and get the Falcon 2.

Area 51: Rescue wall:
There is another way to get through the wall in the Area 51: Rescue mission without using the bomb crate. Throw your Dragon onto the ground with the proximity self-destruct on. Back away and use you pistol to blow up the gun, causing the way to break open. There will be another, more powerful, gun once you get inside.

Complex hidden area:
There is a slightly hidden area in the multi-player level "Complex" that is very easy to reach. Just look for a small area in the wall that has metal grates on three sides. You can climb up one of the sides. Then, run on the roof over to an item in the opposite corner (Item #5).

Complex ramp trick:
Think of the main room in Complex that has two big ramps and a sniper window looking in. If you ever feel cornered, just run under a ramp, as though you were trying to climb up the ramp from the back. It looks like you are going to have to duck down to fit, but at the last second you will magically pop up on top of the ramp, which will disorient your opponent enough to let you turn around and run off up the ramp.

Every single player mission has a piece of cheese hidden in a location that has nothing to do with your mission objectives.

Circle attacks:
This is a simple move, but priceless to master. Hold Analog-stick Left then hold C-Right. You will circle an invisible point in the center. Practice doing this around a crate, trying to keep your gun cursor/sights on top of it. Also, try doing this with holding Analog-stick Right and C-Left to circle in the other direction. This makes will make you harder to hit, but will keep the enemy in your sights at the same time. If your sight starts to drift from your target, just adjust your angle on the Analog-stick.

Datadyne missions: target practice:
While in any of the Datadyne missions, either from the roof or from a broken window (windows can be shot out), aim for the passing vehicles and blow them up.

Earn cheats easier:
Turn on fast movement to make earning cheats easier.

Easy medals in combat simulator:

To earn medals for your record in the combat simulator (accuracy, head shot, kill master, and survivor) log in your record for player one. Leave player two as it is already set. Shoot player two in the head each time until you have about ten kills. Quit and you should have all four medals.

Load your character and start a second character. Then, set the options for a level you know well and is rather small. Set the game for one kill wins with an accurate weapon, such as the Falcon. When you start the game, get the Falcon, find the second character, and shoot them in the head. This is much faster than killing the other player many times. You get all four medals every time if you only use the one bullet to kill the second character.

Fast running:
Turn left until your cursor is approximately 30 degrees to the left of where you want to run to. Then, simply hold Analog-stick Forward (Up) and hold C-Right. You will run diagonally, but once you get used to it, you will be able to get to places faster. This is useful for running from friends in multi-player mode and also for meeting target times in single player mode. This can also be reversed. Simply swap the left and right directions.

Laptop gun tricks:

To get an Easy gold at the target range with the Laptop Gun, hold B and fire it at the wall behind you. It will turn to a sentry and stick. Just duck down, and get out of the way. It will get you 100% accuracy, and a gold every time.

If an enemy has a sentry gun active (Laptop Gun in its second mode), and you cannot seem to destroy it, just use an XR-20 Farsight with the Target Locator off. Stand in a nearby room, find it with R and C-Up and C-Down, then take it out with one shot.

All Guns:
In Chicago when you are in the Strip Club next to the limosine you must walk 3 circles and then you will get all the guns

Air Force One: Anti-Terrorism: Better start:
Instead of going through the lasers and trying to get to the ladder, go around the lasers until you reach a location with enemies that shoot at you. There will be a elevator here. Take the elevator up, then turn right and go up the stairs until you reach a shuttle. This will start you outside the double doors, before the stairs.

Area 51: Escape level: Easy invincibility:
When the conversation about who will be left behind to open the hanger doors begins, immediately go to one of the consoles that open one of the hanger doors. Doing this will prevent Joanna from volunteering for the job. Keep pressing B until the console message says "Outer hanger door open". Quickly run to the other console and press B again. The level will then be completed -- you will not need to get on the hoverbike and escape, and a lot of time will be saved. The key to doing this in time is to quickly initiate the conversation with Jonathan and Elvis.

Area 51: Rescue phoenix:
Go up the first elevator and turn right. Go to the locked door and wait awhile. A man will open it. Follow him to the elevator. Go up the elevator and keep going through the doors until you get to a large, brown room. Look around to find a bench with the phoenix.

Area 51: Rescue: Save time:
Instead of going through the trouble of taking the crate to the X, get a Dragon, throw it near the X, and shoot it. You will not be injured if you are far away, and it saves time. Do not shoot the crate at the beginning, or you will fail the mission.

Completing all challenges easily:
Have player one select "Combat Simulator" and choose "Advanced Setup". Have player two press Start. Have player one select "Load Settings" on the advanced setup menu, but do not not select any setup yet -- just remain at the "Load Game Settings" menu. Have player two select the challenge to be completed in the advanced setup menu. Then, have player two press Start until the green "...and waiting" screen appears. Have player one select the desired game settings in the "Load Game Settings" menu. Note: You must have a custom or pre-made setup -- you cannot alter it after it is loaded. Player one can drop out or join the game -- it does not matter, however, staying in will give you two stars instead of just one. This trick can also be used to get the three or four player challenges.

Carrington Villa: Devastator Grenade launcher:
Destroy all the crates in the beginning on the level. Then, when you get to the Villa, take out the Sniper on the wall above you. Next, move on to the helipad. There are three crates, one has a shield. Pick it up, then shoot each crate. The grenade launcher will appear from the one that explodes. Note: You only will have six rounds for the weapon.

Chicago Stealth: Bombspy:
Go to where the dumpster and the explosive barells are located. Move the dumpster next to the barrels. Blow it up and get the bombspy.

You can use the bombspy to create an alternate diversion other than reprogramming the taxi. Fly it over to the end of the level where the guards are located. When they are all around it, detonate the bombspy and you will complete the objective. Note: This will not work out perfectly every time.

Chicago Stealth: Another Falcon 2:
Enter the Pond Punk Club, which is the room next to the limo. When you enter, be careful of the man that is down the ramp -- pick him off quietly to prevent alarming the other guards in the room below. Now, stand outside the door and equip your Falcon 2 scope. Open the door and fire your guns to alarm the guards in the locked room. When the door opens, you will notice that you are in a strip club. Run to your left to the bar and get your Falcon 2.

Counter-Op levels:
Have one human player take control of Joanna and another human player take control of a guard. Have the player as the guard kill the other guards for Joanna to easily pass the level The other guards will not shoot back - they will just run away if they are not killed.

Disappearing Laptop Gun:
Go to the firing range. Position yourself so you can block the door from closing. Select the Laptop Gun on the Silver or Gold setting and begin. Make it where you can throw out the gun so it lands on the wall. Wait until time runs out and it will disappear.

Datadyne missions: target practice:
While in any of the Datadyne missions, either from the roof or from a broken window (windows can be shot out), aim for the passing vehicles and blow them up.

Easy kills with the Slayer:
When you have your opponent in your sights and you cannot turn the fly-by-wire missile around in time, press Z again to self-destruct it.

Easy firing range golds:
Select the Laptop Gun and put it on bronze. Hold B, turn around, and pull the trigger. Immediately press Start, before Joanna can throw the gun, and abort. Then quickly press Start again and select any other weapon from the menu. Set it on Gold (or whatever), and as soon as the target range starts, the sentry gun will get thrown out and stuck to the wall. This trick can get you most of the golds.

Farsight at firing range:
Use the Farsight at the firing range and aim through the walls. You can blow up chairs and computers in other rooms of the Carrington Institute. You can also shoot the classic 007 weapons in the hallway outside the firing range.

Floating sentry:
Find the location in the Grid level where there is glass in the main room up top. Go upstairs and on to the glass. Place a sentry gun on the glass. Then, shoot the glass all around it. The sentry will float in mid-air, making it easy to get people on both bottom and top.

Faster Farsight target locator:
Instead of taking the time to hold B while using the Farsight to locate a target, you can just scope in and hold C-Left or C-Right. This is better, since it does not move as much as the target locator.

Get locked in closet:
Select co-operative mode then go to the Air Force One Antiterrorism level. Have both players go to the room with the ramp that leads to the President's floor. There will be two guards standing there (one might not be there yet -- he will walk in, so wait there for him). Knock them out and they will drop two key cards for the closet doors on the side of the room. Have each player open their closets. (Closets contain the level's secret weapon -- Double Cyclones). Then, run across to the other player's closet and enter before it closes. Since you have switched closets you will not have that key card and will be locked in.

Hidden cheese location in first, third, and Mr. Blonde's revenge levels:
To find the cheese in the first level, go into the first room inside the building. Look at the computer monitor you work with under the Special Agent and Perfect Agent difficulty setting, and blow up the column to the right of it with explosives (such as the Rocket Launcher). Climb down the ladder and the piece of Swiss cheese is sitting in the vent.

In the first level and Mr. Blonde's Revenge level, the cheese can be found by blowing open the vent shaft to the right of the first computer screen object hanging on the wall in the red light. Alternately, go into Cassandra's office and move along the right wall. Blow a hole in the wall at the corner. In the third level, though the same area, you cannot blow up the cylindrical wall to get to it.

Hidden cheese location in Air Force One:
Face away from where the President's escape pod is contained. Look to the right of the bulbous object towards the wall on your right. This particular piece of cheese is not very detailed.

Hidden cheese location in Carrington Institute:
Note: It is easier to find this piece of cheese when you are not playing the solo mission in the Carrington Institute, so you do not need all guns. Go down to where the jerk is and take the hover crate up the ramp. Hold the door to the target range area open with it. Stand just in the practice area so the door will hit you when it tries to close. Press Start, select Slayer, and put it on Bronze, which gives the most time. Fly it in its secondary mode all of the way down the ramp. When you get out in the open, go up and to the right. The cheese is sitting above the door that is broken open in the solo missions.

Hidden Cheese location in Chicago: Stealth:
Enter the building the limo is parked besides and go down the ramp. Do not kill the men there -- just disarm them and let them run into the locked area which also allows you in. Find the bathroom and look in the toilets in the stalls. The left one contains the cheese.

Hidden cheese location in Skedar Ruins:
Go until you get to the Skedar that have slayers. Take one, then return to the area where you blow open the wall. Facing the way you do when you first enter the area, go right. In that area, there is a small S-shaped hole in the wall. Shoot the Slayer Rocket through in its secondary mode -- look down at the floor to find the cheese.

Human pincushion at firing range:
The training man at the firing range at the Carrington Institute can be used as a human pincushion. Use poison dipped throwing knifes to throw out of the room. Just move to the position to shoot out of the range, use throwing knifes on him, and he will be a pincushion.

Hiding your screen:
Use the following trick to hide your screen to prevent ambushes in multi-player mode. Hold R and press C-Down(2) to duck all the way down. When you are low to the ground, hold R + C-Down to hide your screen. Try to duck even lower when you are as low as you can get. Turn off radar to add to the fun.

Invisible guns in target practice:
Get a gun that shoots through walls. Aim at the guns on the wall and shoot them. When you leave target practice the guns on the wall will be gone.

Once the gun has been deployed as a sentry, you can pick it up and use it again by getting close, centering it on your screen, and pressing B. This is useful for changing its position or reloading it with ammunition (a good idea, as it wastes quite a bit). While in the combat simulator, you cannot pick up a sentry that someone else has laid. You can also use this in single player mode to kill people that are just around the corner -- then get your gun and leftover ammo back for later fights.

Maian SOS: Easier mission:
When you wake up, walk toward the door about two steps to make the first scientist pull a gun, then steal it. Play through the rest of the mission until you pass the next three doors. Make sure you have some Psychosis ammunition. Turn right, kill the two guards with Dragons and the guard with 1000% life. Two DY-LXs will appear to take you out. Under the Agent difficulty setting his accuracy is about 30-45% -- take your time to shoot him in his chest. This does not phase him as much as a limb or head shot. Under the Special Agent difficulty setting be more aware because he has 1200% life and 50-60% accuracy -- dodge and shoot. Under the Perfect Agent difficulty setting, he has 1500% life and 90-100% accuracy -- sneak, peek and shoot.

Multi-player mode:

Keep moving -- standing still makes you an easy target for automatic weapons

When playing against sims (Meat, Easy, or Normal varieties), shoot weapons and ammo boxes out of their normal respawn locations then collect them. The weapon or ammo will respawn where you picked it up. Simulants will think that it has been picked up and pass it by without looking.

When with your back to a corner and low health, arm a grenade or N-Bomb by holding Z. Run at your opponent -- there is a chance you can also kill him.

When using cloaking devices, go for easy kills by using combat knives. Slashing with the knives will allow you to stay cloaked but give you a chance to get in some damage.

Quicker reloads:
Just switch to the weapon before the current weapon, then quickly switch back. Practice doing this to get it faster each time. This will save time and health. It will not be as fast as GoldenEye 007, but it is better than the regular method. Note: This does not work with the shotgun or crossbow, is not recommended with the Laptop Gun.

See weapons from GoldenEye 007:
Go to the hallway where the target practice is in the Carrington Institute (select Carrington Institute on the select mode screen). You can see weapons from GoldenEye 007 (Klob, KF7 Solviet, RCP-90, AR 33 Assault Rifle, etc.)

Shoot at other people at firing range:
Go to the firing range in the Carrington Institute. After you enter the actual firing range part, turn around and make sure the door is open. Keep moving forward until you block the door from closing. If done correctly, you will still be able to choose a weapon and use it. You can shoot at the people in the other room, but cannot hit or kill them. You can also use explosives and blow up the lights - the room will be black until the game is restarted.

Shoot Out The Targets:
Go to the bronze laptop gun, and this must be bronze, and aim at the wall behind you. as soon as the gun begins to fold, pause and abort the training, quickly press start before the gun is thrown, and select another weapon. the sentry will be thrown, and shoot out the targets for you. this wont count towards the accuracy or ammo limit, this cheat doesn't work with some guns like RCP120.

The larger your character, the faster you go. Mr. Blonde is the fastest and the aliens are the slowest. The best character to use is a Maian soldier with Biotecnition head.

If you are holding double guns you will take double damage.

Raising multi-player characters rank quickly:

Set all the weapons to Callisto, four Simulants to perfect, and the stage to the Facility (in advanced setup). Then, keep restarting your game until you start in the airducts or somewhere nearby. Make sure no simulants are near you. Get the Callisto next to the urinal in the bathroom and place yourself against the door. Set the gun to high impact shells. When someone tries to open the door they will not be able to because you should be against it. You will be able to shoot them repeatedly through the doors without giving them a chance, because the game will not let them restart in the airducts. Keep doing this until your rank is as high as it will go (level 1).

An easier way to level up in multi-player mode is do all the same things as explained above, but use the Farsight XR-20. It has x-ray vision which makes it easier to get kills and medals.

More cheese:
I have found another way to find some cheese. Its in the first level in a secret room in cassandra de vries' office. If you blow up the wall in the corner opposite the window where the girl hides. If done correctly you should find a secret room with some cheese in a ventalation duct!

Quick shot with the secondary on your weapon:
The following trick allows a quick shot with the secondary on your weapon (or primary if you are in secondary mode). Hold B and press Z. It is almost exactly like rotating through weapons backwards with A and Z, but you substitute B for A. This works well with the shotgun to get a quick double blast at point blank range, or to quickly throw your dragon as a proximity mine.

Slower Slayer Fly-By-Wire Rocket:
When you have the Slayer, change it to the secondary mode. When you fire the rocket hold R to make it go slower for easier turns and maneuvering. Release the button to send it speeding towards your opponent/enemy.

Slayer controls:
Press Z to detonate the rocket. You can also slow it down by pressing B.

In the Institute, go down to the hanger, get the hover-crate, and bring it up to the firing range. You can place it anywhere in the doorway, as long as you can get by. It is recommended that it be placed right where the door goes into the wall. Once the crate is in place, go into the range and choose any gun or weapon. The simulation will start, but the door will not be able to close. Walk up to the open doorway and start shooting. If you use explosives the crate may blow up, so save those for last.

Team motivation:
Enter game play and hold A to display the quick menu. Press Z(2) and you can control who attacks, and who stays with you. There is, although, a few choices that may seem strange.

Normal: Simulant will killing everything that moves on their random path.

Hold: Simulant will attack nearby enemies while holding their ground.

Defend: Simulant will chase down any nearby enemies.

Attack: Simulant stalks the person you tell it to attack.

Follow: Simulant follows you, but chases after nearby enemies.

Protect: Simulant stays close to you and attacks nearby enemies.

Daniel Carrington comments:

When in the Institute, do not go into the target range, and kneel all the way down. Start moving around in front of Daniel Carrington and he will say things such as "Stop it Joanna, that worries me!".

X-Ray mode ending:
Collect the X-Ray Scanner during game play, then activate it just before the end of the level. The ending sequence will play in X-Ray mode.

Unlocking Special Assignments:
Mr. Blonde“s Revenge is unlocked by completing all solo missions in Agent difficulty or higher.

Maian SOS is unlocked by completing all solo missions in Special Agent difficulty or higher.

WAR! is unlocked by completing all solo missions in Perfect Agent difficulty.

Duel is unlocked by finding all weapons in the solo missions and gaining at least a Bronze rating on each weapon at the Carrington Institute Firing Range.

Unlock Perfect Darkness (new difficulty setting) by beating all solo missions in Perfect Agent.

Log on at the Carrington Institute Website:
To log on at the Carrington Institute website, use the following user name and password:

Username: solaris
Password: pal32ver21z

Enter these at the 'agents only' section of the Carrington Institute's site and you'll be granted access to a new area complete with information on "CI Scientists Missing", DataDyne files recovered, biological sampling system and intelligence reports.

Hidden Items:

1.1 dataDyne: Defection (Perfect Agent):
Laptop Gun:The hacker will open a locked door by the elevators.
Dual Falcon: Dropped by the helmeted guard three floors down from the roof.

1.2 dataDyne Research Investigation:
Double CMP150: Make it to the weapons cache near downstairs maintenance bots without being seen.
Proximity Mine: On perimeter of isotope room.

1.3 dataDyne Central Extraction:
DY357 Magnum: Take down the first five guards without being seen.
Grenade & Dragon: make it to the elevator without being detected. Kill the first guard after taking the elevator up. Use the Key Card he drops to access Cassandra's office. Make a hole in the right corner of the room to find the Dragon.

2 Carrington Villa:
Devastator: Destroy crates on helipad near the villa.
Double CMP150: Kill the first sniper in under 38 seconds.
Perfect Agent: Sniper Rifle: In bathroom next to bedroom.

3.1 Chicago Stealth:
BombSpy: Use barrels to explode dumpster near G5 building.
Double Falcon 2 (Scope): In Pond Punk bar.

3.2 G5 Building Reconnaissance:
Crossbow: Disarm cloaked guard in first room.
Special and Perfect only: N-Bomb If you blew up the top fire escape in 3.1, it will be near the exit upstairs.

4.1 Area 51 Infiltration:
Double MagSec 4: Kill red guard near comms rider. He'll drop the other MagSec 4.

4.2 Area 51 Rescue:
Phoenix: In secret room above hangar.
Double Falcon 2 (Silencer): Explosive barrel lodged in a stack of crates to the right of first hall.

4.3 Area 51 Escape:
Remote Mines: Get Elvis to safety in under 36 seconds.
Double Falcon 2 (Scope): Behind you in the glass lab at start.

5.1 Air Base Espionage:
Double DY357 Magnum: Punch out the NSA agent near the elevator to the AF1 hangar.
Proximity Mines: Near beginning of level, past the tunnel on a snowy ledge.

5.2 Air Force One Anti-Terrorism:
Double Cyclone: Punch the two Secret Service agents in the room straight ahead after the start. Their Key Cards each open a closet containing a Cyclone.

5.3 Crash Site Confrontation:
Proximity Mine: Visit Elvis at his UFO.
Double DY357 -LX: Disarm Trent as he runs by you after rescuing the President.

6.1 Pelagic II Exploration:
Double Falcon 2 (Silencer): Do not trigger an alarm. Make it to the guard four doors from the start. Kill him and he'll drop the Double Falcon.

6.2 Deep Sea Nullify Threat:
Proximity Mines: Just past the tunnel after the large cavern (near beginning), kill the guard to the left. He'll cough up the mines.

7 Carrington Institute Defense:
Devastator: Save a single hostage in the information center.

8 Attack Ship Covert Assault:
Double Mauler: Kill the Skedar in the center of the bridge.

9 Skedar Ruins Battle Shrine:
Double Phoenix: Destroy two unmarked temple targets with the Devastator. The Phoenix will appear on the ledge before the canyon.

10 Mr. Blonde's Revenge:
Double CMP150: Kill Cassandra's bodyguards near the lab elevator.

11 Maian SOS:
Double DY357 -LX: Kill guard in left containment room.

11 Maian SOS:
Psychosis Gun: On lab table at start.
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