Чит коды на Penny Racers (N64)

Better weapons, extra points, class advancement:
Win a medal on each level in a class (C, B, or A) to earn extra points,
better weapons, and advancement to the next class (B, A, or AA).

Starting Boost:
At the beginning of a race, press and hold the A button right
after the second light lights up, and you might not notice it, but
the car has a little boost of speed.

Quick Parts Selection:
When the CPU is taking a part from you rapidly press A and this
will speed up the process and make odds better that nothing is taken

Always trade parts:
Enter parts options screen and enable "Steal Parts" and
"Trade/Swap Parts". The CPU will always trade instead of stealing
your parts.

To get Bonus Mode AA:
Earn a medal on every track of mode A.
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