Чит коды на PaperBoy (N64)

The following codes are typed during gameplay:

ALLJUMP - Always have Super Jump Springs
BACKWARD - papers get thrown backwards
GOFAST - Always have Rocker Boosters
HEADLINE - View all Newspaper headlines
JUMBLE - Run into Invisible objects
LITTLE - Paperboy is super tiny
MAGOO - Near sighted paperboy, only see short distance if front of you
MAXSUBS - Level select
MOON - Jump super high in air
NOBUNDLE - Have unlimited papers all levels
INVINC - Inf Health
RANDOM - Random paper tossing. to hit the nearest object that
will react (such as a homing device) on a power throw
RUSH - Turbo mode, clock too
SCREAM - Everything you hit emits scream
SUNDAY - HUGE newspapers
THUMP - Unknown
UNTIMED - Single frame advance with C right
WAKING - Slo motion
OBVIOUS - Level select
FRONTS - Throw papers directly in front of character
SIDES - Throw papers at 90 degree angle
THUNK - Cartoon sounds

Destroying Neptune:
This is how to beat the spaceship in medium mode.

Regular Alien - 1 normal paper
Mini UFO - 1 normal paper
Eyeball Lightning Alien - 1 power throw
King Brain Alien - Around 5 or 6 power throws. Note: You must be on the
top level to hurt the King Brain Alien.

How To Get Extra Papers:
To get the extra papers on boss battles, you just have to press
the L and Z buttons repeatedly while the camera is adjusting,
right before the battle starts.
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