Чит коды на NFL Quarterback Club 2000 (N64)

Type in the following codes during gameplay:
BCHBLL - Big football
BGMNY - Big coins during toss
BLOWOUT - Start game with 12 points
BTTRFNGRS - Ball always fumbled
DBLDWNS - Eight downs available
STCKYBLL - No fumbles
FLBBR - Flubber ball
FRRSTGMP - Slow-motion mode
HSNFR - Players on fire
HSPTL - Increased injuries
MRSHMLLW - Fat players
PNBLL - Players bounce like pinballs
PWRKCKR - Kickers never miss
PWRPYLNS - Pylons on field
RCQTBLL - Racquetball mode
RGBY - Rugby mode
SCLLYMLDR - Alien stadium
SHRTGYS - Short players
SLPNSLD - Slippery field
TRBMN - Turbo mode
TTHPCK - Thin players
XTRTMS - Unlock all extra teams
XTRVLTG - Electric football mode

Quickly press Start to pause the game while the quarterback is still kneeling before a play begins. A new play may be selected when game play is resumed.
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