Чит коды на NFL Quarter Club 99 (N64)

Hidden Player:
At the Main Menu, press C-Up, C-Down, C-Left, C-Left, C-Right,
C-Left, C-Up. A new player named, The Good Mr., will appear under
Emmitt Smith on the Dallas Cowboys.

Various Cheats:
Enter any of the following "Codes" at the Cheat Menu:

SCLLYMLDR - Alien Stadium
XTRTMS - Unlock All Extra Teams
DBLDWNS - Eight Downs
TRBMN - Infinite Turbo
BTTRFNGRS - Fumbles on Contact
STCKYBLL - No Fumbles
PWRKCKR - Super Kicks
FLBBR - Flubber Ball
HSNFR - Ball Smokes While in Air
BCHBLL - Big Football
BGMNY - Big Coin in Coin Toss
FRRSTGMP - Slow Motion
XTRVLTG - Electric Football Mode
RGBY - Rugby Mode
RCQTBLL - Racquetball Mode
SLPNSLD - Super Slippery Mode
PNBLL - Players Bounce Around like Pinballs
PWRPLYNS - Giants Plylons
MRSHMLLW - Fat Players
TTHPCK - Skinny Players
HSPTL - Increased Injuries
RLSTN - Opponents Scores 0
SHUTOUT - Start with 12 Points
SHRTGYS - Short Players
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