Чит коды на NFL Quarter Club 98 (N64)

Enter any of the following "Codes" at the Cheat Menu:

GTNHNDS - Fumble Mode
SPRSLYD - Slippery Play
STYCKYHNDS - Sticky Hands
DWNDRV - Unlimited Downs
MCHLJNSN - Faster Players
JPNSMWR - Small, Wide Players
GLYTHMD - Goliath Mode
MLDSWZNGR - Slow Running Backs
SMLMDGT - Small Midget Mode
BBMNTBL - Tall and Skinny Mode
STNTXTM - Secret Teams
PBYBYMD - Crawl Mode
LDSTRTRK - Catch the Ball
SPRTRBMD - Super Fast Players
WLTRPYTN - Walter Payton
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