Чит коды на NBA Showtime: NBA On NBC (N64)

Alternate costumes:
Press Up or Down when creating a custom player for alternate costumes.

Bonus courts:
Hold one of the following buttons combinations immediately after selecting players at the "Choose Team" screen.

Court Code
Team 1 (Left) Hold Up + Turbo
Team 2 (Right) Hold Down + Turbo
Street Court Hold Left + Turbo
Island Court Hold Right + Turbo
Midway Court Hold Up + Shoot + Pass

Cheat mode (match-up screen):
Press Turbo, Shoot, and Pass at the "Tonight's Match-Up" screen to enable the corresponding code:. The numbers in the following list indicate the number of times each button is pressed. After pressing the buttons, press the D-pad in the indicated direction to enable the code. Example, to enter 1-2-3 Left, press Turbo, Shoot(2), Pass(3), Left.

Effect Code
Unlimited turbo 4-1-1 Up
Tournament mode (no power-ups) 1-1-1 Down
Thick fog on2 1-2-3 Down
Team uniform1 4-0-0 Right
Swamp fog on2 1-2-3 Right
Snow on2 1-2-1 Left
Show shot % 0-0-1 Down
Show Hotspot 1-0-0 Down
Rain on2 1-4-1 Left
No tip off 4-4-4 Up
No replays 3-3-1 Left
No Hotspots1 2-0-1 Up
No goal tending 5-5-5 Left
No fouls in versus mode 2-2-2 Left
No fouls 2-2-2 Right
Night fog on2 1-2-3 Left
Midway uniform 4-0-1 Right
Home uniform 4-1-0 Right
Fog on2 1-2-3 Up
Blizzard on2 1-3-1 Left
Big head mode 2-0-0 Right
Away uniform 4-2-0 Right
Alternate uniform 4-3-0 Right
ABA ball 2-3-2-Left

1. Both teams must agree.
2. Only on outdoor courts

Create-a-player characters:
Enter one of the following initials and PIN numbers to unlock the corresponding hidden player.

Player Initials PIN
Large Alien BIGGY 0958
Clown CRISPY 2084
White Horse HORSE 1966
Pumpkin JACKO 1031
Kerri the Female Player KERRI 0220
Kerri in Alternate Uniform KERRI 1111
Lia the Female Player LIA 0712
Lia in Alternate Uniform LIA 1111
Nikko the Devil Dog NIKKO 6666
Old Man OLDMAN 2001
Pinto Horse PINTO 1966
Retro Rob RETRO 1970
Small Alien SMALLS 0856
Referee THEREF 7777
Wizard THEWIZ 1136

Miscellaneous players:
Enter one of the following initials and PIN numbers to unlock the corresponding player.

Person Position Initials PIN
Shawn Liptak Programming Consultant LIPTAK 0114
Isiah Thomas NBC Sports Announcer THOMAS 1111
Tim Kitzrow Midway Sports Announcer TIMK 7785
Willy Morris Motion Capture Actor WIL 0101
Greg Cutler Motion Capture Actor CUTLER 1111
Chad Edmunds Motion Capture Actor CHAD 0628

Midway staff:
Enter one of the following initials and PIN numbers to unlock the corresponding Midway staff member.

Staff member Position Initials PIN
Beth Smukowski Creative Media BETHAN 1111
Chris Skrundz Creative Media CMSVID 0000
Dan Thompson Programmer DANIEL 0604
Dave Grossman Creative Media DAVE 1104
Jim Tianis Creative Media DIMI 0619
Eugene Geer Artist E GEER 1105
Andy Eloff System Hardware ELOFF 2181
Rob Gatson Programmer GATSON 1111
Jim Gentile Artist GENTIL 1228
Brian LeBaron Game Tester GRINCH 0222
Mark Guidarelli Programmer GUIDO 6765
Jeff Johson Programmer JAPPLE 6660
Jason Skiles Programmer JASON 3141
Jennifer Hedrick Artist JENIFR 3333
Jennifer Hedrick Uniform No.2 JENIFR 1111
Jon Hey Sound and Music JONHEY 8823
Alex Gilliam Game Tester LEX 0014
Mike Lynch System Hardware LYNCH 3333
Matt Gilmore Artist MATT G 1006
Paulo Garcia Game Tester PAULO 0517
John Root Artist ROOT 6000
Sal DiVita Lead Artist SAL 0201
Paul Martin PC Support STENTR 0269
Larry Wotman Creative Media STRAT 2112
Tim Moran Creative Media TIMCRP 6666
Tim Bryant Artist TIMMYB 3314
Mark Turmell Lead Programmer TURMEL 0322

Play as team mascot:
Enter one of the following initials and PIN numbers to unlock the corresponding team mascot.

Mascot Initials PIN
Utah Jazz BEAR 1228
Chicago Bulls BENNY 0503
Indiana Pacers BOOMER 0604
Minnesota Timberwolves CRUNCH 0503
Phoenix Suns GORILA 0314
Atlanta Hawks HAWK 0322
Charlotte Hornets HORNET 1105
Toronto Raptors RAPTOR 1020
Denver Nuggets ROCKY 0201
Seattle Sonics SASQUA 7785
New Jersey Nets SLY 6765
Houston Rockets TURBO 1111

Place any player on a team:
Enter the initials and PIN entry screen. Enter the first three letters of the team the player is normally on as initials, then enter his jersey number as a PIN. For example, to get Scottie Pippen, enter HOU as initials and 33 as a PIN.
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