Чит коды на NBA Courtside (N64)

To perform an alley-oop, make sure there is an open player near the basket. Then press C-up and press B. The other player will do an alley-oop.

Alien heads:
Press C-Up, C-Down, C-Left, C-Right, Start(2), A, B, A, R, Z at the main menu. Press the B to return to the main menu. Then, enable the "Bonus teams" code and select the "Left Field" team.
Alternate replay angle:
Hold B during a replay.

Big heads:
Pause game play and press Right(2), Left, R, Z, Start, A, Start, A, Start, Z.

Big Head Mode Without Starting A Game:
When you turn the game on when you see the picture of Kobe Bryant, QUICKLY press RIGHT on the D-pad, RIGHT on the D-pad, LEFT on the D-pad, R, Z, START, A, START, A, START, Z.

Bonus teams:
Highlight the "Pre-Season" option from the main menu. Then, hold L and press A. Press Right to access the Nintendo Gamers, Nintendo Plumbers, and Left Field Lefties teams.

Create Michael Jordan:
Select "Create-a-Player" and name the new player "Michael Jordan". Enter 6' 6" as a height, 38 years old as an age, all attributes 99%, and make him pro for 8 years. The newly created player should have a Bulls uniform on when viewed.

Disco mode:
Pause game play and press A, C-Up, Down, Up, C-Down, R, R, B, C-Right, C-Right, Z.
To jog, hold R and then hold BACK. It only works if your opponent is in front of you.

Hang on the Rim:
Whenever you perform a two handed dunk, hold B to hold the rim longer. Warning: if you hold on too long you will get called for a technical foul.

Intentional Foul:
Intentional fouls are a good way to stop players on a fast break. Press C-Right to intentionally foul a player.

Small players:
Press C-Right(2), B, R, R, C-Down, Up, Down, C-Up, A, Z at the main menu.
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