Чит коды на Mortal Kombat Trilogy (N64)

Beat Motaro Easily:
The easiest way to beat Motaro is by waiting until he gets close enough to hit with a straight up jump kick. If you connect, you will be able to hit him with a combo. Keep doing this until he dies.

Black Skeleton:
Just play as Rayden. Go to the Deadpool. Do his stage fatality. When the skeleton pops up, it will be black.

Sometimes you have to stay a full screen away from him so that he doesn't hit you with any fire balls. If he tries to teleport, he will usually walk into the jump kick which would lead to a combo.

Exploding Babalities:
To do this, you must press high punch, low punch, high kick, low kick, after you enter your character's babality command, and before he/she turns into the baby.

Fight Khameleon:
If you hear the word "Toasy" on the Star Bridge stage, quickly press Down + Start to fight Khamelion.

Half Power:
In two player mode, when the VS screen appears, press C up three times, then C right three times. The code at the bottom of your half of the screen should read dragon 33 (the rest after the second 3 should be dragons.) This works for player two also but not for both at the same time.

Harder Game:
For a greater challenge in one-player mode, highlight Kano, then press Down + Start. You will hear Shao Kahn say, "You'll never win." When you start a new tournament, there will be plenty of Endurance matches to go around. The Champion ladder has: fight Khameleon, then Motaro, then A LOT of Endurance matches, then Shao Kahn. Some of the Endurance matches have at least *SIX* guys to fight in the same match!

Level Select:
Highlight Sonya and press Up + Start.

When the screen says finish him, get out of sweep range from your opponent. Now hold RUN, then press DOWN four times and release RUN. If you did it right, "Mercy" will appear at the top of the screen.

More Options:
During the story line, quickly press Left-C, Up-C, Right-C, Down-C, L, R, R, R, L, L. If you were quick enough, a tone will sound and two new selections will appear on the Options screen.

Play as Human Smoke:
To play as Human Smoke, press and hold Away, High Punch, High Kick, L, R before the screen says "Fight".

Play as Khameleon:
At the story line, press Right-C, Up-C, A, B, Down-C, Up-C, Right-C.

Play as Motaro:
This trick only works on the Desert and Wastelands. Choose anyone, but before the match starts press and hold Away + Low Kick + High Kick. When the match starts you will morph into Motaro.

Play as Shao Kahn:
Select the Rooftop stage, Pit 3, or Kahn's Kave. Before the match starts, hold Down + High Punch + Low Punch.

Play as Shoa Kahn/Motoro for the Entire Game:
Play a two player game and have one player be a boss. Make the boss kill the other guy in the first round, then do the boss code again at the beginning. If the boss explodes and reappears you have done the code correctly.

NOTE: It's easier to beat the game with Motoro and when you fight Shoa Kahn keep shooting him with fireballs (lk for 3 seconds, then release.)

Random Character Select:
To select a fighter at random, highlight Saibot and press Up + Start.

Ultimate Kombat Kode:
To enter Ultimate Kombat Kodes easily, all you do is when the story screen comes up start rotating your control pad in a clockwise direction. After a few rotations the Kombat Kode screen should appear.

Unlimited Credits:
For unlimited credits, press Down, Down, Up, Up, Right, Right, Left, Left at the attract mode screen.
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