Чит коды на Mickey's Speedway USA (N64)

Unlock Dewey:
Win all circuits on amateur mode.

Unlock Louie:
Win all circuts on intermediate mode.

Quick start:
Just as the third light turns on, press A to get a
quick start.

Secret car parts:
Secret car parts are hidden on the last levels of the four different series (provided you won all the races to get the fourth series) you cannot advance to the 5th and last series without all car parts. They are hidden in secret places so look hard and go off course.

Parts locations:
The car pieces can be found in Indianapolis, Malibu, Philadelphia and Chicago. You can claim the piece even if you don't place in the race so take your time to search each of these raceways and find the pieces.

In Indianapolis, turn around as you go under the bridges and you'll find the piece in a corner behind one of the bridges.

Malibu's was the hardest to the big boulders along the oceanfront, there is a little tunnel that takes you to the piece there.
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