Чит коды на Mario Party (N64)

Want stars/coins with out the work?
Of course: select pause and game options change all players into copmputer players and set difficulty level to hard.befor prizes are rewarede switch back.see my other entery by sara

TO GET BUMPER BALL MAZE 1 - Complete all the of the challenges on mini game island including, Toads challenge.
TO GET BUMPER BALL MAZE 2 - Complete Bumper Ball maze 1
TO GET BUMPER BALL MAZE 3 - Complete Bumper Ball Maze 2

Alternate title screen:
Complete the game with a character to feature that person as the main character on the title screen.

Bowser's Magma Mountain stage:
Successfully complete the first six stages and collect 1000 coins. You have to buy things in the shop, including the key to the Magma Mountain, while playing in those six stages. After that, the Magma Mountain can be played. Get 1000 coins and you can buy the key to

Eternal Star stage:
Get 100 stars in the Magma Mountain stage. A special event will appear. The Eternal Star stage will appear after that.

Extra songs:
Purchase the record from the Mushroom shop to unlock extra songs on the Bowser's Magma Mountain and Eternal Star stages.

Special shop items:
Successfully complete the Eternal Star stage. The ending sequence will appear. After that, special items can be bought in the shops.

Mario Party
Change characters: press start, then go to settings, then to controller confiuration. change the players around so you are now playing for the Comp. You can use this to stop them buying stars, or stealing off you.

Get Stars To get the stars with out haveing to do the work all you have to do is change ALL players into computer players once the game has started. Toward the very end (BEFORE STARS ARE REWARDED) switch to the player(s) with the most stars.
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