Чит коды на Madden 64 (N64)

The following codes are typed during gameplay:
Note: Only one code can be used at a time.

AT_Madden - All-Time Madden team
B_Howlie - 1997 AFC Pro bowl team
Elec_Arts - Larger, more powerful players
Eighties - 1980's teams
Lei - 1997 NFC Pro bowl team
Maitland - Tiburon stadium
San_Mateo - EA stadium
Seventies - 1970's teams
Stats_Men - Statistical leaders team
Sixties - 1960's teams
Tiburon - Large players

Always Win Coin Toss:
Press Down for "tails" when the referee tosses the coin, then press Up to select "heads" approximately two seconds before the coin lands. If done correctly, both sides of the coins will be "heads".

EA Team:
To enable the EA Sports team, create a new player named "ELEC ARTS." Save the player and return to the main menu.

Infinite Penalties:
Choose any team and commit a passing interference call. After that, pick your defense quickly. If the flag is still on the ground and the referee doesn't pick it up, the announcer will say there's a flag down. Repeat as desired.

Mega Jump:
When you are playing with two players in Madden 64, you can make a player fly. To do so, have the 1st player start pressing B to call audible as fast as they can. The second player should press jump (left c) as fast as they can. The second player will eventually jump continually on top of the screen. If you get him high enough, the instant replay will also be really screwed up.

Random team selection:
Select Exhibition mode and press C-Up + C-Right at the team selection screen.

Note: These last three codes will only work in Exhibition mode only.

Touchdown show-off:
Press C-Left after entering the endzone to perform a touchdown dance.

Stats Leaders:
To enable this team of "All-Time Stats Leaders," enter the Season mode, select Front Office and then Create Player. Enter "STATS MEN" as the player name, save and exit.

View ending sequence:
Hold L + R + Z at the EA logo when the game is first started.
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