Чит коды на Lego Racers (N64)

Various Cheats:

NWHLS - No Wheels Car
FSTFRWRD - Fast Mode
NCHSSS - No Chassis
NDRVR - No Driver
NSLWJ - Maintain Speed off Track
LNFRRRM - Reversed Rocket Racer Run Track
PGLLRD - Shooter Attacking Power-Ups Only
PGLLGRN - Turbo Power-Ups Only
PGLLYLL - Mine Power-Ups Only
RPCRNLY - Grapple Power-Ups Only
MXPMX - Power-Ups Always at Max
NMRCHTS - Disable All Cheats

Turbo Start:
Tab A at the start of the race

Huge Tires:
When selecting tires press c-down, c-right, c-right, z then c-left

Get Hosting Champions Cars:
Everytime you beat a circuit you get new blocks to build racers
and cars. You can make the hosting champions and their cars.e.g.If you
beat Captain Redbeard, go to the build option then make Captain
Redbeard and then when your building your car select he pirate chassis
(type of car) and then go to quick build once or twice.
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