Чит коды на Invisible grass (N64)

In the Kokiri Forest find the grass that you can walk through and back
flip or side jump through it. If you do it properly then the grass will
turn invisible and you can see all the rupees in the grass.

Turn items into bottles:
When you try to catch something pause right before you catch it switch
the bottle for any useless, ONLY useless thing to turn them into bottles!

Fade through things:
ok, when you start the game, you have nothing, and you can't leave the town. but if
you use my glitch, you can! so. when you start the game, go to the left, towards the
hollow log. the little kid tries to block you. ok, just NEVER stop running, and keep
pointing towards the exit. now SLOOOOWLY liiiift the left side of the game pak, until
you're invisible. remember, never stop running. now, as soon as you're through the
hole, slowly put the game pak back in. CAUTION|-|- there are zombies out in the field.
if you want to, you can leave the game pak in place and keep running away and into the
WARNING-- if you stop running, even for a second, the glitch stops. and you have to
keep your hand on the game pak.
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