Чит коды на Iggis Reckin Balls (N64)

To activate these codes, first press R and Z simultaneously on the main menu to access the Enter Cheat screen. Now type in the code word. After a code is entered, press Start to activate it. If a code is entered correctly, you'll hear a "boing" sound. All codes except ICEPRINCESS and GOOEYGOGGGOO can be used simultaneously.

2ROKTOO - enhanced lighting
2TIMES - double rollerbal time
GOOEYGOOGOO - gooey platforms
GOBABY - full turbo power
HAPPYHEADS - hidden characters
ICEPRINCESS - ice platforms
JUMPAROUND - level warp
NONSTOP - non-stop rollerball
SWOPSHOP - random accessories
ROLFHARRIS - wire-frame graphics
THEUNIVERSE - all tracks available
TOOMUCHPIE - fat characters
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