Чит коды на Hot Wheels Turbo Racing 64 (N64)

Hidden Car-Power Rocket
At Sludgeworks, in "Wrecking Yard" (the first walls you'll break),
immediately turn right. "Rub" the wall to open passage and collect the car.

Hidden Cars-Twinmill and Twinmill II:
Place first in the Secret Cup.

Hidden Car-Rigor Motor
At Sludgeworks, in "Rigor Motors" garage(after 2nd jump over the
spiked rollers) turn right. Hit the 6th wall panel and follow the passage
to the car.

Hidden Cars-Bi Sector, Go Kart and Road Rocket:
Place first in the Hot Wheels Cup.

Hidden Car-Rock Buster
At Road to Rustwell, In town (after blue hill with yellow arrows),
turn left after small brown ramp. Turn right and bust the metal wall

Hidden Car-Hot Wheels 500
At R. M. Test Track, enter red cave. Immediately after the first
pillar, "rub" the wall on the right. Open the passage and get the car.

Hidden Car-Super Van
At Hellcrush, after first checkpoint, turbo twice to break the wall
and reach the car.

Hidden Car-Silhouette II
At Dawn Encounter, go to the waterfall jump, but don't jump. Get on
red ramp and try to jump into the middle of the waterfall (below the
ledge). Another way is to go ahead and jump then look to the right. There's
a hole in the mountain. Back up to the rail opposite the hole and
turbo to the hole. Sometimes you'll land in the hole!

Hidden Car-Thunder Roller
At Command Center, after the tunnel with orange lights, there's snow,
then three ramps. Take the middle one and (with a fast car) turbo at the
end of the ramp. On the 2nd mesa (big rock), you'll find the car.

Hidden Car-Lakester
At Dawn Encounter, go up the blue ramp after the waterfall jump. Go
past the "Danger" box and back up.

Hidden Car-Sol Aire CX4
At Command Center, after the first check point you'll see metal doors
on each side of the green road. Break the 2nd door on the right and go
down the red passage slowly. At the end, you'll find the car.

Hidden Car-Jet Threat
At Cold Fusion, on final jump (two orange ramps), take right ramp.
Enter passage blocked by two big snowballs and "rub" the left side of the
wall until you open a hole. The car is in ice so use a high durability
car to break the ice.
Hidden Car-Stagefright
At Road to Rustwell, after start jump to the right to the boarded up
passage. Slow down towards end of passage.

Hidden Car-Dragster
At Snake River, after the red and green loop (and track), veer right
to the shortcut. After busting through the metal roof, back up.

Hidden Car-Formula 5000
At Snake River, go to the coal mine car crossing. In the middle of
the mine car track, you'll see the car.

Hidden Car-Slideout
At Cold Fusion, after black loop with red sides, veer right. Go to
cave slowly, then turn left.

Unlimited Turbos:
At the main menu press C-Right, Z, C-Up, C-Down, R, C-Left, Z, C-Right

Nightime Racing:
At the main menu press C-Up, C-Up, C-Down, C-Down, C-Left, C-Right, C-Left, C-Right
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