Чит коды на Extreme G (N64)

Enter any of the following "Passwords" at the password screen:

Password Effect
51GG95 All Levels and Roach
61GGB5 All Tracks, Roach, Neon
81GGD5 All Regular Tracks, Roach, Neon, Hidden Track

Various Cheats:
Enter one of the following "Names" at the Name Selection screen
in Contest Mode:

Name Effect
arsenal Receive Weapons Whenever
banana Slippery Track
nitroid Unlimited Turbo Boosts
xtreme Extreme Speed
ghostly Extremely Ghostly
magnify Magnify Mode
antigrav Race Upside Down
Stealth Stealth Mode
uglymode Ugly Mode
wired Wireframe Mode
roller All Bikes Will be Turned into Boulders
fisheye View the Race with a Fisheye Lens
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