Чит коды на Diddy Kong Racing (N64)

At the "Options" Screen there's a "Magic Codes" option. Go to it to enter the codes below.
ARNOLD Big Characters
BLABBERMOUTH Horn will play a voice character instead of the regular horn
DOUBLEVISION 2 players can select the same character
JOINTVENTURE Two players can play the Adventure Mode
JUKEBOX Go to "Audio Options" menu to access the Music Test.
TEENYWEENIES Racers are about half their normal size
WHODIDTHIS See credits
BODYARMOR Balloons are yellow
BOGUSBANANAS Bananas reduced speed instead of increase
BOMBSAWAY Balloons will be red
BYEBYEBALLOONS Weapons disabled for the computer
FREEFORALL Any time you pick up a balloon in any game mode, it will give you the level three (most powerful) item.
FREEFRUIT Start each race with 10 bananas.
NOYELLOWSTUFF Bananas a worthless
OFFROAD 4 wheel drive
OPPOSITESATTRACT Balloons are rainbow
ROCKETFUEL All balloons will be blue
TIMETOLOSE Greatly increases the intelligence of the computer
TOXICOFFENDER All balloons are green
VITAMINB No limit to bananas
ZAPTHEZIPPERS Zippers will disappear
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