Чит коды на Breath of Fire 2 (N64)

There is a secret skill (chopchop) that you can learn:
First of all, you have to do this BEFORE you try to find Jean's ring.
Go to the resturant (the cave on the upper left of the second continent) and be sure to read and do what the signs say (or he won't give the skill to you) and when you choose how much you want the meat done choose rare (in case you haven't found out yet, YOU are going to be the meat) be sure to choose otherwise you will loose all your hp except for one and hw won't give you the skill.
After he tries to cook you, go to the room he escaped to and when he asks you if you are mad because he wanted to cook you, say no and forgive him and he will teach you chopchop.
This skill wastes 0 mp and will take 50-80 damage no matter who the enemy is or how strong (or weak)
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