Чит коды на Beetle Adventure Racing (N64)

Select Championship in 1 player mode. Select Coventry Cove and find the shortcut with the barn and 2 haypiles. Drive into the the haypile closest to the road. Finish the race and there should be a Cheats option under Options.

Alien Beetle:
Beat the Expert Championship.

Bonus cars:
Comlete Novice Tracks to get 3 bonus cars.

Open Up Battle Stages:
Enter the Championship mode and try to collect all 100 points to unlock a new battle stage.

Police Beetle:
Beat the standard Championships. Select the new Bonus mode and beat it. (With this car you can make the other cars pull over if you get near them and press the left C button)

View Mode:
Go to Inferno Isle. In the village, on the right side of the road is a house with a flat roof. Jump your beetle and land on the roof. Break the Daisy Crate hidden there to activate the View Mode under Cheat options.

Quick start:
Press L when "Go" appears at the start of the race.
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