Чит коды на A Bug's Life (N64)

When the level description appears, hold Z + R + L. Repeat this at the beginning of every level.

Level select:
Go to the ant hill from the main screen. Then, hold C-Up + C-Down + C-Left + C-Right + Z and press R. An arrow will appear at the bottom of the screen to confirm correct code entry.

Unlimited lives:
Return to training level and find the letters to spell "FLIK" to gain a bonus life. Repeat this to obtain as many lives as needed before resuming the regular game.

Game Shark Codes:

Infinite Lives - 801E1A38 0009
Infinite Health - 811E1A2C 0004
Max Grain - 801E1A39 0032
All FLIK - 801E1A3A 000F
All Enemies Killed - 811E1A26 0000
All Levels Unlocked - 81099150 000F
Always Have Super Jump - 811E1A28 0020
Start with Blueberry - 811E1A2E 0001
Start with Homing Berry - 811E1A2E 0002
Start with Goldberry - 811E1A2E 0003
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