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Starcraft 64 (N64)


Aquas 150
Area 6 300
Corneria 150
Fortuna 50
Katina 150
Macbeth 150
Meteo 200
Sector X 150
Sector Y 150
Sector Z 100
Solar 100
Titania 150
Venom 200
Bolse 150
Zoness 250

Alternate title screen:
Get all 30 medals in the game (15 in normal mode and 15 in expert mode).

Control title screen:
Complete the game on any path. Return to the title screen and use the Analog-stick to move the "64" logo.

Expert mode:
Obtain medals on all fifteen levels by completing each level by exceeding the minimum number of hits and keeping all your wingmen alive. This will also unlock a sound test option.

Hidden art work:
Complete the game in expert mode using either route to Venom. Wait until the credits end. Depending on which Venom route was taken, two different screens will appear.

Play by Foot:
Win a medal on Venom in expert mode. Falco, Fox, Peppy, or Slippy may be played on foot in Vs. mode.

Remove targeting:
Pause game play and press R.

Use Land Master:
Win a medal on Venom in normal mode to use the Land Master (anti-aircraft rotation tank) in Vs. mode.
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