Cheats for Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil (N64)

Type in one of the following codes at the Enter Cheat screen. Then, start a game and pause. Now the cheat menu and set each enabled code as desired.
Note: All cheats entered can be saved after reaching a save point.

AAHGOO - This places little baby Zach's face on all Gold Tokens, and turns them from gold to blue.
"FROOTSTRIPE" - Frooty stripes
HEEERESJUAN - This places Juan's face on all Life Tokens.
HOLASTICKBOY - Stick man mode
IGOTABFA - Pen and ink mode
LIGHTSOUT - Blackout mode
ONLYTHEBEST - View credits
PIPSQUEAK - Small enemy heads
STOMPEM - Big hands and feet
UBERNOODLE - Big head mode
WHATSATEXTUREMAP - Gouraud shading

Also, here's how to earn the cheat codes.
Fruity Colors Mode: Complete level 1
Pen and Ink Mode: Complete level 2
Gouraud Mode: Complete level 3
Big Hands and Feet: Complete level 4
All Map: Complete level 5
All Guns: Complete level 6
Big Head Mode: Defeat level 4 boss
Tiny Mode: Defeat level 5 boss
Infinite Ammo: Defeat level 6 boss
All Special Items: Defeat Primagen
Invincibility: Defeat Primagen
Infinite Lives: Defeat Primagen (on hard)

bewareoblivionisathand - all cheats no need for the other cheats

Multi-Player Invincibility:
First you must pick a level with portals and scorpian launchers and a friend that is kind enough to do this for you ok now first tell your friend to get a scorpian launcher and meet you at the portal than go to the portal you stand directely in front of the portal then have him take your energy out to about ten of fifteen then while standing directely in front of the portal have him shoot you into the portal with a scorpian launcher and your friend will get a kill every time you go through the portal and come out if he shoots you. you will have 0 energy for ever unless you get any health so dont get health. I recommend doing this on Tellaportastic level!

Easy Invincibility:
When you come out of a warp portal, and there is an enemy near by, get his attention to draw it closer. Keep in mind you have to still be standing in the middle of the portal. Let the dinosaur attack you until you health reaches zero. Be sure that you don't get knocked out of the portal or you will die. If done correctly you should be able to walk out of the portal invincible. Be careful because the trick will stop working when you pick up a health bonus.
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