Чит коды на The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (3DS)

Lens of Truth Trick
If you'd like to use the Lens of Truth (useful in one of the later temples) without draining your magic meter, assign the Lens of Truth to a button you can hit repeatedly in rapid succession. A virtual button works well for that purpose. Now keep rapidly tapping that button that is assigned to the Lens of Truth. You'll be able to see a flickering view through the lens without draining any magic from your meter. If you start climbing something, though, the trick won't work.

Quick and Easy Rupees Early
You can quickly max out your Rupees to 99 extremely early in the game -- to buy the Kokiri Shield, for instance. Once you are searching for the sword and preparing to by the shield at the beginning of the game, head over to the shop. Near the shop there are three man-made square blocks. From the shop side, jump over all three of them without falling into the water. You will be given 5 Rupees. Go into the shop, exit, and do it again. Do this over and over again until you max out your Rupees.

Easy Fishing with Hover Boots
At The Fishing Pond in Lake Hylia, equip your Hover Boots and pay to fish. Run towards the lake until you float -- at the moment you float throw your lure at the lake. If done correctly you'll be able to walk when you're catching a fish. This makes easy to catch the Hylian Loach at the bottom of the lake

Beat Phantom Ganon With a Bottle
You can reflect the Phantom Ganon's magic attack with an empty bottle. This works for the Forest Temple boss, but don't try it on the actual final battle with Ganon!

Infinite Golden Skulltullas Tokens
(Unconfirmed) In Hyrule Castle, after you pass the guards, jump into the water and head towards the place where you woke up Talon..You'll see a tree there. Play Song of Storms and a hole will open. In the hole you'll find a Golden Skulltula. Kill it but DON'T pick up the token yet. Go behind the exit (the light that goes to the surface) and throw your boomerang at the token. When your boomerang hits it, exit the hole. If done correctly the Golden Skulltula will respawn in the hole and you will have the token! Repeat as necessary.
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