Чит коды на StreetPass Mii Plaza (3DS)

Eliminate Suspense in Puzzle Swap
When you obtain a puzzle piece in Puzzle Swap via play coins, a cutscene follows that depicts your Mii placing the piece in a puzzle to see if it's a new piece. If that's too suspenseful for you, just look along the bottom screen of the 3DS as you purchase a puzzle piece. If you see a brief message appear to indicate that the game is "Saving" your purchase, you can know that you have purchased a new piece. If no such message appears, the puzzle piece you just purchased is a duplicate.

Go Over the 1000 Step Limit
You can change the clock on your Nintendo 3DS and reset the calendar and pedometer steps taken (for that day). Just like Animal Crossing, you can get around the 1000 step limit for coins by adjusting the clock (without Resetti).

StreetPass Tips
If you don't have anyone nearby to StreetPass with, you can still play the Mii Plaza games Puzzle Swap and Find Mii games by spending Play Coins. You earn more play coins the more you walk around with the 3DS.
A green light at the upper-right corner of the 3DS will appear when you've successfully made a StreetPass.
After you've StreetPassed with the same person multiple times, you can write a personalized greeting.
StreetPasses don't always happen immediately—if you sit two 3DSes next to each other and don't get a StreetPass for a while, don't be surprised
You can hold the right shoulder button R to speed up Find Mii and Puzzle Swap games and to increase the speed of the people at your gate.

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Find Mii Magic Types and Other Tips
Each Mii you collect via StreetPass becomes a "unit" you can use to slog through the dungeons. Each attack and bit of progress made will carry over to the next time you enter Find Mii, so don't fret if your collected Miis go into battle and immediately run away.
If you StreetPass with the same person multiple times, that person's Mii will level up and become more powerful in battle.
The shirt color of your collected units determines what sort of magic they use, so try to find StreetPass friends with different shirt colors to gain access to all magics.
Black Magic - Darkness, area becomes dark. Not quite sure what it does.
Brown Magic - Summons a "wandering hero," basically another dude to help you fight.
Green Magic - The next hero will gain extra power.
Orange Magic - New heroes that enter will receive a morale boost.
Pink Magic - Makes your heroes "full of daring," which makes them less likely to be scared.
Red Magic - Burning flames, deals major damage versus blue ghosts.
Yellow Magic - Sandstorm, lowers the enemy's chance of scaring you away.
Also note: You need a Mii with a yellow shirt in order to damage an enemy that's holding up a yellow shield. There may be other color shields—use Miis with the matching-color shirts to take 'em out.
You can hold the right shoulder button R to speed up the game.

Puzzle Swap Tips
The goal of Puzzle Swap is to complete two separate puzzles by collecting pieces that other people have found in their StreetPassing adventures.
You can pick just one puzzle piece from another Mii's puzzles to complete your own. Pick pieces you don't see often.
In our experience, pieces for the puzzle on the left (with Bowser) are less common. If you meet someone that has a piece from the Bowser puzzle, you should probably pick that one.
You can hold the right shoulder button R to speed up the game.
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