Чит коды на Paper Mario: Sticker Star (3DS)

Enemy Viewing Area
Once you place all of the Battle Stickers in the museum, a new door appears. Pass through it and you'll find that if you pay a single coin, you get to see enemies attacking a cutout of Mario. Various animations will display as those enemies attack.

Sound Test
Place all 64 stickers in the museum to unlock the game's Sound Test mode.

Finding Luigi
If you find Luigi five times while playing through the game, he'll appear at the start of the end credits, holding the banner. The locations where you can find Luigi are as follows:
Goomba Fortress - At the second bridge in the middle of the level
Drybake Stadium - Near the top of the tower on the outside, in the window
Whitecap Beach - At the very end of the dock you can see him in the distance
Rugged Road - In the spa area
Whiteout Valley - Visible as you are going up the ski lift
(it's difficult to miss)
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