Чит коды на Mario Kart 7 (3DS)

Maka Wuhu Shortcut
While you are playing on Maka Wuhu, stop right before you enter the first tunnel. There will be an opening on the right just where the fence ends and the tunnel begins. Drive backwards so you are completely turned around and then drive off the edge so you land into the lake. If done correctly, Lakitu will drop you off just before the third checkpoint. This is great for online or Grand Prix matches because it puts you at least 20 seconds ahead of everyone else.

Alternate Title Screen
Place first in all cups with at least one star. After the credits roll, you'll return to the title screen and find that it has changed. For instance, you might see Peach with her glider on the top screen, instead of Mario, Luigi, and Bowser. Peach will also call out "Mariokart 7, let's go!"

Gold Kart Parts
Here are the Gold Parts you can unlock in Mario Kart 7:
Gold Glider - StreetPass 100 peeople / OR collect 10,000 coins
Gold Standard Kart - Get a VR higher than 10,000 points/or collect 20k coins
Golden Wheels - Beat every cup and Mirror Mode on on all speeds and receive at least 1 star on each cup

How to Unlock Mirror Mode
Beat every cup in 1st place on 150CC to unlock Mirror Mode. In this mode, every course is reversed from left to right.

Unlockable Cups
Perform the following actions to unlock additional cups.
Mushroom Cup - Unlocked from the start
Flower Cup - Beat Mushroom Cup
Star Cup - Beat Flower Cup
Special Cup - Beat Star Cup
Shell Cup - Unlocked from the start
Banana Cup - Beat Shell Cup
Leaf Cup - Beat Banana Cup
Lightning Cup - Beat Lightning Cup
Rotate Trophies

Rotate Trophies
So after you beat a cup, a screen comes up with a trophy. If you use the circle pad to rotate the trophy.

Tanooki Propeller
If you get a Tanooki tail underwater it can be used as a propeller to get a big boost.

Spin Mario on Home Menu
On the Home menu of the 3DS with Mario Kart 7 inserted. Scroll over the Mario Kart 7 game icon, and blow into the mic. This will cause Mario on the top screen to spin around.
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