Чит коды на Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (3DS)

Wall Jump
Stand near a wall and press Y to enter Flowmotion. Press B to jump while still in Flowmotion, then quickly press Y again while still positioned against the wall. Quickly and repeatedly alternate between pressing the two buttons while positioned against the wall and you will continue to gain elevation. Using the technique allows you to reach high treasure chests and you can sometimes skip entire portions of a given area map.

Secret Ending
Take the following steps to unlock the secret ending:
1. Earn 10 trophies in Beginner, or 7 in Standard, or 5 in Proud, or complete Critical once. 2. Correctly answer all 3 questions given to Riku at the end, by choosing the third option for the first question, the second option for the second question, and the second option for the third question. 3. Collect the golden letters in Sora's dive during the credits, until you receive the "Secret Message Unlocked" notice. 4. Save the game. 5. Reload the save.

Once you complete the above process, you'll receive a message letting you know that you have successfully unlocked the secret ending in Theater mode.

Replay Bosses and New Game+
Once you finish the game, you can carry over your save data to start the New Game+ mode. As you play, you can also replay your battles with bosses you fought the first time around. Simply find a portal in the appropriate world and select the "Secret" option to face any boss in the game. They'll be more difficult the second time around.

Critical Mode
Beat the game on any difficulty setting and you'll unlock Critical Mode.

Closing Credits Message
At the end of the game, during the closing credits sequence, you will see characters and letters. If you remember those letters, you'll find that they spell out "This Leads to Kingdom Hearts."

Fight Julius
To fight Julius (the game's secret boss), successfully complete the game and then visit the Fountain Plaza area in Traverse Town. Beating Julius unlocks the Ultima Weapon.
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