Чит коды на Zen Bound 2 (iPhone)

By completing certain objectives in the game,
you'll unlock special awards and titles.

Anti Spike - Blow up all the nail bombs on the hedgehog.
Butterfly Collector - Complete 10 trees.
Flower Garden - Collect 200 flowers.
Getting the Hang of It - Complete the last level of the Tree of Introduction.
Gordian - Blindly refuse defeat.
Meticulous Detonator - Blow up every nail bomb on the Tree of Focus.
Nirvana - Learn to let go after attaining Perfection.
Pacifist - Use all rope but no paint must touch the object.
Perfection - Complete all levels 100%.
Tied to the Ground - Tie down every flying thing.
Unwinder - Wrap an object 100% and then unwind back to 0%.
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