Чит коды на Tap Tap Revenge 3 (iPhone)

Lock Glitch:
Ok, so the lock glitch is how those people get high scores so high
that there is no way they could have got them otherwise, example,
the #1 highscore for rockafellar skank by fatboy slim is almost 1mil
more than what is physically possible. When a song starts, what you
have to do is press the sleep button (top left) on your iPod.
Wait til the audio fades away, then press the button again (or home
button, it doesn't matter) and then put your password in (if you have
one) and you're done. What should happen is that the song should play
while the game is paused. Resume game so that it will be resumed just
before it ends and you will have lots of points.
(Beware, this glitch doesn't work on most ttr3 games, so you might
want to delete and re-download it if you are desperate enough to get
on the highscores)
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