Чит коды на Mirror's Edge (iPhone)

Unlock all wallpapers:
All wallpapers - Get all 28 badges

Unlockable Badges:
Bag lady - Collect a bag
Balancing act - Balance 200 meters
Body count - Defeat an enemy 100 times
Death from above - Drop from a zipline and kick an enemy
Economist - Defeat 2 enemies with 1 attack
Falling down - Make an enemy fall
Fly on the wall - Wall run 500 meters
Free falling - Fall 1,000 meters
Gravel rash - Slide 500 meters
Hoarder - Collect 20 bags
I heart 88.7 - Find the pirate radio frequency graffiti
I'll take that - Disarm an enemy
Marathon runner - Run 10,000 meters
Mountaineer - Climb 1,000 meters
Neutralizer - Disarm 20 enemies
On the clock - Earn one star in speed run mode
Packrat - Collect all bags
Rampage - Defeat 10 enemies in 60 seconds
Scream for me - Make 10 enemies fall
Scruffy - Find the 'scruffy' graffiti
Still counting - Earn 20 stars in speed run mode
Superstar - Earn all stars in speed run mode
Tag, you're it - Defeat a runner
Tango down - Defeat an enemy
That's a wrap - Complete the game
Thrill of the chase - Defeat 10 runners
Vrooom! - Maintain sprint speed for 10 seconds
Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah - Zipline 1,000 meters
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